Morning rounds ...

  • The Saskatchewan Huskies have a neat practice drill — the defensive backs try to catch frisbees thrown up to 60 yards downfield. (Huskies Football Outsider)

  • UBC running back Dave Boyd is no longer a secret weapon. (Vancouver Sun)

  • Some people came away from Western's 30-7 win over Laurier wondering how the Mustangs only won by three touchdowns. The 'Stangs offensive line feels the same way, since Michael Faulds was sacked six times on their watch. (London Free Press)

  • Guelph's Jamie Shaw started out as a quarterback, moved to defensive back and is now tearing up as a receiver, with two TD catches in the Gryphons' first two games.

    One wonders if Guelph coach Kyle Walters has any plays that might use Shaw, or another Gryph not named Dunk, as a passer. The Gryphons use a jet sweep play where one of the receivers, usually speedy Jedd Gardner comes into motion and takes an inside handoff. The Saskatchewan Roughriders use a similar play to take advantage of slotback Weston Dressler's speed. On Sunday, the 'Riders ran a variation of it where Dressler handed the ball to Jason Armstead, who threw for a touchdown on the reverse pass.

    Incidentally, good of the Guelph reporter, Rob Massey, to note, "The Gryphs have been checking videotape of Toronto’s opening two games." Presumably, watching film of an uncoming opponent is something new in football, rather than something that's been common practice for more than a half-century. (Guelph Mercury)

  • Some thoughts on now-No. 5 Montréal's win over Concordia, from a Carabins perspective. How can the U de M hang in with Laval on Saturday, however? (Allez Les Bleus)

  • For bilingual fans: Le Pony Express, the Ottawa Gee-Gees blog, has a podcast. (Le Pony Express)
  • Two first-year coaches with Canada Basketball connections are going to bear watching. Roy Rana taking the reins of the Ryerson Rams has generated some buzz. Some choice quotes from AD Ivan Joseph:
    "I heard from the Toronto District School Board, 'The town is so excited Ryerson finally did this. They didn't bring in an outside guy; they brought in one of their own.' To me, that's important ... We're the city's university.

    "People wouldn't come to Ryerson basketball. Why? We had a reputation of being a joke. We had a reputation of not practicing four days a week. So now, Roy comes in and says, 'We're changing that.' "
    There really is no great reason why a university in the country's largest city should not have a great basketball team. (The Eyeopener)

  • Meantime, Greg Francis is following a legend, Don Horwood, at Alberta, which is kind of like being the comic who has to go on after Russell Peters. Mark Wacyk has a look at the Golden Bears, who as you know, have 6-foot-11 frosh forward Rob Dewar who was with Francis at the (RIP) NEDA youth program. (

  • Former NHLers Cory Cross and Brad Isbister have joined the Calgary Dinos coaching staff. (Calgary Herald)
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