Football: York discloses it played an ineligible quarterback

A school self-reporting that it dressed an ineligible player is hardly a first; with so many athletes on a football team, it is hard to keep up with every player's academics. At the same time, who knows what people will think about York playing quarterback Patrick Hooey when he was not eligible. The optics of it are not great.
"Hooey was a member of the Saint Mary's Huskies during the 2008 football season. Mr. Hooey transferred to York University intending to enrol in a graduate program, which would make him eligible to play for the York Lions in 2009 under CIS Rule Mr. Hooey, however, opted to enrol as a full-time undergraduate student, making him ineligible for 2009.

"... The matter remains under review by CIS which has the option to impose further sanctions."

It could be a honest mistake. There's nothing to be gained from a school flouting the rules.

York football self-discloses ineligible player (press release)
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  1. What type of sanction would the CIS adopt against York? It's not like they could take away an almost-win.

  2. Something nominal, something that allows them to say "we punished York" without actually punishing them. It's hard to get worked up over this, so I think the OUA would be excused by many for lightening the sentence.

    The release says Hooey doesn't get credit for his 80 passing yards, or whatever it was, from that game. Now that doesn't hurt York any, and it barely qualifies as something, but it's not nothing.

  3. Wow! What if York had won this game...and then Windsor gets the W back by an ineligible player!

  4. It happened to Queen's in 1995 and Bishop's in 1997 ... Queen's had to forfeit two games (it had split them). If memory serves, a player signed a form saying he was taking a minimum course load (3.0 credits) and he was only taking 2.5.

  5. I also wonder what the CIS can or will do, as their normal practice is indeed to forfeit any wins. Back when Brandon still had a hockey team, maybe their last year, I believe they had to forfeit all of their wins with an ineligible player and last season, or the season before, York had to change several games to 1-0 losses for using an ineligible player.

    But if you didn't win, how does the CIS send a message, and will they? Last season UPEI and the CIS both messed up on the elgibility of rookie goalie Jhase Sniderman (as a transfer student we was allowed to play several games sooner than he should have been ...), and the only fall-out was that Sniderman wasn't allowed to play in later games that season against UNB and maybe a couple of other teams. Talk about slap on the wrist ...

  6. It also happenned to Laval in 2001. They lost their 5 wins and finished 0-8 (instead of 5-3).

  7. Dang, you can't edit comments ...

    I meant to include that it was York's men's soccer team that used an ineligible player and had to forfeit wins.

    So that's twice now for York in a couple of years ...

  8. Re: above post

    Yes, York's Soccer team used Andrea Lombardo, a (former) striker for Toronto FC and Canadian national. They had 4 games overturned because of it. Typically it wouldn't be too big a deal, but I'm inclined to think that York's Athletic Department needs to get a better handle on this stuff. The entire city of Toronto knows who Lombardo is from his time with TFC but the person who authorized his playing didn't? I realize this is a departure from Hooey, but it seems to be more of a pattern than anything.

  9. will he play for york in 2010?