Taking a look at the QUFL through Week 3

Now that three weeks are done, it's time to recap the start of the Quebec conference.
  1. Laval 3-0 (ranked No. 1)
  2. Montreal 2-1 (ranked No. 6)
  3. Sherbrooke 2-1
  4. Bishop's 1-2
  5. McGill 1-2
  6. Concordia 0-3
  • Laval: What is there to say? They have been the best team in the country so far this season and their defence is just outstanding. Any holes that we may have thought existed - the offensive line ,perhaps - have been squashed, at least so far.

  • Montreal: Take last week's loss to Laval with a grain of salt. They had both of their quarterbacks out of the game, and it's a testament to their defence that they kept the game so close. I would expect a closer result if they were to go to PEPS for the Dunsmore Cup. Their defence is really good, and running back Rotrand Sene is fun to watch.

  • Sherbrooke: RB Pascal Fils is leading this team after gaining almost 300 yards against the Stingers, and they would be 3-0 if it weren't for a shocking loss to McGill. The win against Concordia was significant, but even bigger will be the rematch at Loyola in two weeks. While Sherbrooke has never lost to Concordia at home, they have never beaten them on the road...

  • Bishop's: A big win against McGill last week propels them and proves that there is life after Jamall Lee. Although they are a young team, they have some great talent including Harrison Maloney and Steven Turner - both QUFL players of the week this week.

  • McGill: As good as Jonathan Collin has been, Andrew Hamilton is showing just how good he can be. He had a season at Concordia where he was dangerous every time he touched the ball. After a year on the Alouettes practice roster and a year off, he is showing he is still just as dangerous. A major reason McGill is not winless.

  • Concordia: I'll be the first to admit that I am a little surprised that Concordia is 0-3, but at the same time I'm not. Concordia is breaking in a very young offensive line and a very young defence and had to start off their season with a Laval-Montreal-Sherbrooke trifecta - their hardest games of the season.
This week
Saturday, 1 p.m. - No. 7 St. FX (2-0) at Concordia (0-3)
Saturday, 1 p.m. - Acadia (1-1) at No. 6 Montreal (2-1), Radio-Canada
Saturday, 2 p.m. - McGill (1-2) at Mount Allison (0-2)
Saturday, 2 p.m. - Sherbrooke (2-1) at No. 9 Saint Mary's (1-1), EastLink
Sunday, 1 p.m. - Bishop's (1-2) at No. 1 Laval (3-0)
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  1. Very good analysis Jared, only a couple of things...

    Our special units (Carbs) are very good this year, but our defense will need to step up a notch in order to give Laval a run for their money.

    We think Sherby will have all the piece of it's puzzle back. Rumour has that they had a good time in Montreal prior to McGill's game and they weren't expecting that kind of opposition.

    As for Bisphop's, they have too many holes to fill this year (and experience to gain), but they won't be an easy prey.

    At McGill: Each coach that have Andrew Hamilton never plays him as it should. In Percival-Molson Friday, they gave 2 important pigskins carries to the second RB instead of giving them to Hamilton (and its over 10 yards/carry average), and didn't get the first play. Same thing in 06 in ConU, where he should have carry the ball more! For Collin, it will be interesting to see if he's the QB who played great against Sherby or the erratic rookie that lost to Bishop's.

    In Concordia, don't forget that they lost 2 key players in defense against Qc city: DL Maurice Forbes (who was EXTREMELY impressive the quarter that we saw him in action) and S Nicolas Arseneault-Hum. At the beginning of the game against Les Carabins, Liam Mahoney (probably their most athletic offense player) was hit very hard while carrying a punt return by Nicolas Guimond. He didn't play since... And as you stated in your pre-season coverage of the team, they have lost a lot of players this year.

  2. By the way - it's the first time (probably ever) that 3 French Universities are on top of the QUFL, either in the standings or in the CIS Top 10...

  3. First Sherbrooke has to get ranked though ... I put them in the 10th spot but the consensus went with Guelph.

    Good point, though, if Sherby gets in at some point this season, all 3 French-language universities would be ranked. (There was a point when bilingual Ottawa, Laval and Montreal were all ranked, not quite the same, I know.)