Football: Returns of Bruno lead Carabins to win over Concordia

The No. 8 Montreal Carabins did not need much of a passing game to romp 41-18 over No. 9 Concordia in Sunday's only game.

Les Bleus worked with the short field almost all afternoon, with only two of their scoring drives covering more than 50 yards. Wideout Frank Bruno had 214 punt-return yards, including a 94-yarder for the day's first TD and a 31-yard runback which set up the second score. Rotrand Sene (22 rushes, 198 yards) powered the offence, while Gregory Alexandre had a big fourth-quarter sack which helped extinguish the Stingers' hopes.

It's tough tell this early in the season how much results reflect the winning team playing well and the other team playing not well. Concordia got itself in a 20-0 hole less than 12 minutes into the game. When that happens, it usually goes beyond not making adjustments.

The Stingers got as close as 28-18 late in the third quarter. Montreal managed to pull away with two field goals (one on a drive which had 25 yards in Stingers penalties) and then a 96-yard interception return by Hamid Mamouhdi set up a salt-it-away touchdown.

Montreal could go as high as No. 5 in this week's Top 10. Concordia has been outscored 92-18 to start the season, but they have a history of recent success and their remaining schedule is manageable.
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  1. Just a little but important addition, we lost our 2 Qb's during the game. The 3rd was already out since training camp. So at this point we're heading for next week game in Qc city with no Qb's... Coach Santerre will have a lot of figuring out to do...

    BTW, why #5?, we are putting them #4.. ;)

  2. I say 5 because I have no idea how everyone is going to vote!

    I might be putting them 4 or 5 ... haven't decided. Some might even put Montreal third, who knows?

    I figure top 3 are Laval-Western-Saskatchewan than Calgary or Carabins a toss-up for 4. Montreal's had more decisive results!

    I'll put Simon Fraser and St. FX 6-7, Queen's 8th, Saint Mary's 9th and Regina or Ottawa 10th.

  3. Ottawa should return to the Top 10 with its decisive win over Waterloo.
    Not sure why they fell out of the top ten even with their loss to Western.
    Western is after all #2 in the country and Ottawa's 15 point loss to them was actually closer than the final score suggests.
    Ottawa racked up over 500 yds offense against the Mustangs...I dare say not too many teams in the country could do that.
    Concordia, on the other hand, are completely bogus.
    QB problems notwithstanding, they just aren't that good and why they were ranked #6 to begin with is a mystery to me.

  4. Voters should seriously re-consider their knee-jerk reaction to putting Laval in the No. 1 slot. Fact is, The QUFL is very weak this year, with Sherbrooke, Concordia and Bishop's all significantly weaker than in 2007 and 2008.

    Outside of Montreal Laval is beating up on some pretty shitty teams.

    Most years the Q has been the SEC of the CIS. This year it's the MAC (or OUA).

  5. To the last can't be serious.
    Knee jerk reaction?...where have you been for the last ten years?
    Laval shut out #2 Western in a non conference exhibition and they didn't even bring their 'A' game for that one.
    If not Laval, then who is #1?
    Simon Fraser? Don't think so.
    St. Mary's? Come on.
    So what if Concordia, Sherbrooke and McGill are weak....Laval is so much stronger than ANY team in Canada it's scary.
    It's like when St. Mary's used to dominate a weak AUS and nobody gave them their props...until they show up at the Vanier Cup and open a can of whoop ass!

  6. What, St. Mary's at #9 after losing to St. FX?!? They shouldn't be in the Top 10 this week in my opnion. And Laval not #1, you've got to be kidding me... Montreal at #4 or 5 makes a lot of sense. I'm not too sure about Saskatchewan at #3 after two short victories (one in OT and one by a single point); Simon Fraser seems more poised so far in Canwest.

  7. Simon Fraser beat UBC in a very early season opener and then beat a bad Manitoba team.

    You are supposed to consider performance first and foremost, but you can't act like the teams were formed yesterday. Calgary is essentially a 1-0-1 team and it beat SFU in the playoffs. I'll slot them ahead until they play each other, or one has a clear loss.

  8. Following the same argument, Simon Fraser should be ahead of Saskatchewan since they beat them soundly in the playoffs last year.

  9. True ... that's a good point. End of the day, though, it's hard to completely strip out teams' reputations. Not so long ago, Simon Fraser lost 25 in a row, while Saskatchewan went to 3 consecutive Vanier Cups. Simon Fraser has gone from the outhouse to likely being up around No. 5, 6, 7, that's a good base and they will get a crack at the Huskies soon enough.

  10. If only we could combine this year's scores with last year's, and produce some kind of reasonable indicator of a team's, wait...a Reasonable Performance Indicator.