Football: SFU quarterback to sit until eligibility question resolved

There's been some discussion online that Simon Fraser was being investigated over player eligibility. QB Caleb Clark, who has split time with Bernd Dittrich, played in two games last fall when he was with Western Michigan in the NCAA.

If Clark's working toward his MBA, an advanced degree, he should have been OK to play right from the start of the season, so long as SFU dotted the I's and crossed the T's. If not, then they might be sanction.
"The Clan have been battling an eligibility issue this past week concerning quarterback Caleb Clark, a Calgary native who is a transfer from Western Michigan University.

" 'It’s been a tough week for Caleb, but we think it's going to be okay,' says head coach Dave Johnson. 'Bernd Dittrich is going to start. But Caleb is going to be with us on the trip.'
Let's not jump the gun believing SFU will go from 2-1 to 0-3 until all the facts are in. It could happen.

Ironically, Western Michigan is in the Mid-American Conference with Toledo, the school Western QB Michael Faulds supposedly played a few snaps for in 2004, although no one's produced evidence of such.


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(Vancouver Sun)
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