Bleeding Tricolour: Bagg in Ben Cahoon's class — coach

The Saskatchewan Roughriders wide receiver Rob Bagg has garnered some good notices for his breakout season. The Queen's grad — one of five Kingstonians to go on to the CFL after playing for the Golden Gaels, bonus points if you can name the others — is leading all leading all CIS grads in receiving with 421 yards (13.2 avg.) entering this weekend.

The quote below from 'Riders coach Ken Miller, though, kind of leaps out:
"I think he really compares with No. 86 with Montreal ... As he goes in that direction and he develops, he'll be very much like Ben Cahoon, I think."

A CFL wide receiver being compared to Ben Cahoon is like a young musician being told, "Hey, you kind of sound like a young Bruce Springsteen.

Direct comparisons between receivers' statistics are fools' gold. There are too many variables which are out of their hands: The quarterback, the team's pass-happiness, whether it was typically ahead or behind in games, and so on. It is worth noting that in his second season, 1999, Ben Cahoon finished with 823 yards. Bagg is on pace to finish with around the same yardage, with 421 through Saskatchewan's first nine games. Not bad for an undrafted free agent, eh?

(Oh, and Regina grad Jason Clermont's role in the 'Riders passing game is apparently being diminished.)

The catch was in the Bagg (Rob Vanstone, Regina Leader-Post)

(Current Hamilton Tiger-Cats D-lineman Matt Kirk, Montréal Alouettes fullback Mike Giffin, Edmonton Eskimos D-lineman Dee Sterling and former Argos O-lineman Jon Landon are the other four.)
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