Football: Checkout time for Windsor's players — 15 minutes before kickoff?

Windsor coach Mike Morencie sounds like someone who knows his time is up.

It did not take much to read between the lines after seeing the coach's quotes on

"I was unhappy just with our mindset coming out of the dressing room on Saturday morning. I thought the kids would be fired up and ready to go."

"Things were bad early and they got worse as the game went on ... It's a distrubing trend that we've got to figure out what it is and we've got to get it taken care of."

It is reasonable to wonder, based on the way Windsor came out its past two games — they have been outscored 82-7 in the first halves — whether the coach has lost the players, or the players are tuning out the coach. There's already been rumblings about some internal discord.

It's not this site's place to say it, plus you never presume to know what goes on inside someone else's football team. The media in Windsor, though, might want to get cracking, because coaches are ultimately judged on their record. To use a Detroit Lions analogy while one still can, there was no way Rod Marinelli could come back after 0-16 (he's still a good coach, and has found another NFL job with the Chicago Bears, coaching defensive linemen). Morencie is a good guy, but the long string of losing seasons at Windsor must be addressed.

Lancers loss gets coach in motivating mode (
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1 comment:

  1. I thought it was the coaches job to help fire up those kids-what were the coaches waiting for the Waterloo cheerleaders to brighten the players day???

    Things get bad early and has been a distubing trend...hmmm lets just wait and see what happens again, it's only been 4 games-2 against real teams and 2 that are hand-outs. Coaching is about knowing your team, knowing how to make changes that will result in positive gains.
    What is the coach waiting for-I hear the coach is liked by his players, well maybe he is a likeable guy, but the coaching part has to go.

    That quote from CBC-I'd hate to be the other players on the team...sorry guys I'm not expecting much from you because our offensive leader is injured-sounds like real team spirit coach...wasn't that the same leader who led you down that great season last year? I wonder how they feel when you keep talking about one person/position all the time.
    You can't keep blaming the results of your team on individual kids-they can't make the changes needed to turn this train wreck around.