Football: The Chase for Chapdelaine & Connell

Your guess is good as any how each school handles their quarterback entering the CIS record book.

Western's Michael Faulds could become the OUA's first 10,000-yard passer on Thursday night vs. York. His distinction might not even last 48 hours with Queen's Dan Brannagan facing a suspect Waterloo defence on Saturday.
  • Matt Connell, McGill ('04-08), 10,455
  • Ben Chapdelaine, McMaster ('97-01), 9,974
  • Josh Sacobie, Ottawa ('04-08), 9,885
  • Dan Brannagan, Queen's, 9,642
  • Michael Faulds, Western, 9,628
  • Justin Dunk, Guelph, 9,096
It would be something if both passers crack 10,000 ahead of their head-to-head matchup Oct. 17.

(Did anyone notice the Toronto Star saying Brannagan, Dunk and Faulds "may also be running out of time?" People are always running out of time. There's never been a quarterback who was good enough to disrupt the time-space continuum.)
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