Hockey: Expansion Carabins add CIS rookie-of-the-year

The Montréal Carabins will add an interesting element to QSSF women's hockey, especially since CIS rookie of the year Marie-Andrée Leclerc-Auger has joined the first-year team.

Long story short (we're way late to the game), Leclerc-Auger transferred from McGill to the U de M in order to study in French. It is nice to see the CIS allow a free transfer, keeping the best interests of the student-athlete on the front burner.

Adding a French-language school should spice up the league (and hey, now teams actually have to make the playoffs). Montréal's coaches, Isabelle Leclaire and Marie-Claude Roy, coach the Québec under-18 team, which ipso facto might help them develop a relationship with players who want to stay in the province. Former Olympians Danièle Sauvageau and France St-Louis each have a role.

It should be noted this site needs to add a women's hockey writer like yesterday. Please put out the word if you know someone who is interested. Nothing is worse than a bunch of dudes hogging the sports-talk.
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  1. I think its great there is now 5 teams and teams have to compete to make the play offs.