Football: Western slamming 'ignorant' Dunk sounds orchestrated

Western's John Surla comes off like he's reading from a script straight out of Monday Night RAW. One read into the Mustangs middle linebacker's comments is that it was orchestrated to get into Guelph QB Justin Dunk's head before Saturday's OUA quarter-final (1 p.m., The Score). Dunk, after all, is the young man who cried, "F--k Western."
"We all saw it and we laughed at it (the F-bomb on TV) ... but Dunk's that type of guy. It's something you don't say. You don't look into a camera and say that. Nobody does it.

"It just shows he's ignorant. It's a stupid thing to do.' "
And it just goes on like this:
"He's always been the same. I think back on my three years and I don't remember him ever shaking hands with us after a game. I think he went straight to the dressing room after we beat them last time.

"I was thinking about bringing it up and saying something during the coin flip (Saturday), but I'm not sure if I will.

"There will definitely be some words exchanged after tackles."
Surla hit all the talking points about Dunk, describing him as someone who is "not that good a passer and runs better than he throws" and Guelph only goes as its quarterback goes.
" "The rest of the Guelph guys are pretty good, but they look to him (Dunk) for leadership and it becomes a domino effect ... They take their cue from him and that's why we want to get to him early. I remember last year when we beat them at home in the last regular season game, he was frustrated and threw his helmet on the sidelines.

"That's the kind of stuff we want to see."
It sounds like a little psychological gamesmanship. It is fine if backed up on the field, which Western should be able to do Saturday considering Guelph's defence has not stopped a playoff team all season (which obviously is all Justin Dunk's fault and has nothing to do with coaching and players who actually are on the defensive side of the ball).

It's only a game. Players only go around once. People always complain of the vanilla, "they have a great team over there" quotes and victors write the history. Seriously, since The Score airs pro wrestling and OUA football, perhaps Western could bring in Vince McMahon for the coin toss on Saturday.

Mustangs haven't forgotten (Ryan Pyette, London Free Press)
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  1. Surla and Western defense need also to look in the mirror and do a gut check before chatting with reporters and offering their "editorial" take on Dunk. Western barely won the game against Guelph and failed to hold Queen's in the last 1:16 of the recent game at Richardson in Kingston. A drive sustaining very obvious penalty plus missed tackles and poor pass prevent defense helped Queen's comeback. In addition after spotting McMaster a 24 point lead at the end of the first half at Homecoming in London, the defense failed to stop McMaster scoring on a long drive in the fourth quarter when it was still a one TD game.

    To their credit the Western defensive line was in Brannagan's grill like no other team Mustangs have played with winning records. The defensive secondary is still prone to the short and mid pass and the opposition running game off tackle by power style running backs(read Fitzgibbon here for coming game). Interestingly, Mac barely able to contain Fitzgibbon on the pass in Guelph comeback last week in second half at the Ron Joyce in Hamilton.

    As a Western alumnus who has sat through big games since the late 1970's to present, this has not been an impressive, dominant defense. Missing Vaughn Martin to the NFL and several key linebackers/DB's through graduation, are perhaps
    aiding this phenomena.

    The two losses that have put Western in the qualifying category it is in, is partly due to a defense that has not at times against decent teams of the OUA(Can West,AUS, The Q league say what you want)played solid 4 quarter football.

    If the Western offense happens to hiccup against Guelph and is held to say 24 points or less, then the real "hold em" character of this brash Western defense will be tested.

  2. Really, this was a dumb thing to do.
    That game is long in the past and Surla and his teammates should be focused on the present.
    Like the previous poster suggested, the Western D isn't that good enough to be talking smack, particularly since Dunk had his way with them despite the Guelph losing last time.
    Saying stuff like "he's not that good a passer and runs better than he throws" is classic bulletin board material.
    Say what you want about Dunk as a sportsman, but be is an extremely competitive, driven individual and damn good QB.
    Dissing his abilities publicly is like waving a red cape at the careful, you might wind up getting gored on those horns.

  3. I always love it when some guys misuse the word "Ignorant" as an insult rather then its actual meaning. Wonder what Surla's taking over there at Western.

    But I must say as soon as I knew Guelph was travelling to Western for Saturday's match, I immiediately wondered what the hype will be like considering Justin's earlier words. Surla has started it already and I suppose any PR is good PR.

  4. Interesting also how this particular writer hides his clear opinions on Dunk behind Surla's quotes and the Mustang's supposed team mentality. This is none more evident then when he writes,

    "The Mustangs already viewed the crewcut-sporting Dunk as a big-mouthed hothead before spouting off on TV. His apology by press release was regarded with rolling eyes."

    Another good one is when he says,
    "Dunk's a unique quarterback, almost like an extra running back."

  5. This game shapes up as a defensive battle between two defences that can't stop anything....does that make sense?

  6. @JCzikk.... yes, ignorant means lacking in knowledge and/or training.

    Arrogant ("making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud") might be le mot juste. Of course, that would be total douchey Queen's thing, to correct someone's language.