Football: Acadia's Cummins at a 'crossroads'

Acadia coach Jeff Cummins is due a ton of points for candour:
" 'It’s been not a whole lot of fun,' Cummins said of this season to date. 'It's been very frustrating at times. We just haven’t lived up to the expectations we had for ourselves. But we’ve put ourselves into a situation where we have a chance to get into the playoffs; it’s a fresh new start.'

"The playoffs may also mean another opportunity for Cummins to present a case for a new contract.

" 'Obviously, my record over the last couple of seasons would tell you that my job is in jeopardy,' he said. "There’s no doubt about that. I'm at a crossroads right now.'

"Certainly there are challenges in maintaining a contender at Acadia. Once Ontario schools began offering athletic scholarships it slowed the pipeline of Ontario players headed toward the Maritimes. Acadia’s high tuition and academic entrance standards also make it more difficult to bring in marginal students who may excel at football. But such problems aren’t limited to Acadia. They are simply among the roadblocks that many head coaches must learn to get around."
Of course, to pick up on a favourite ax to grind of some commenters, Acadia could beat all those OUA teams whose rosters include all those players Acadia tried to recruit.

Cummins feeling the heat (Chris Cochrane, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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  1. Jeff, if you are reading this...why don't you pick up the phone and call Gord Grace at Windsor.
    If you can do what you did at Acadia here in Windsor, you'd be a hero.

  2. Happened to catch the Acadia vs. Mount A game last weekend in Sackville and the actions of Cummings left a lot to be desired. He spent more time screaming at the officiating than what was happening on the field. Maybe if he could find more focus dealing with his own players, his team would have more success. This guy comes across as a tyrant. It's an old fashioned approach to dealing with players and officials. The guy should be turfed, big time.

  3. this coach is probably one of the best coaches out there. he has a strong connection with the community and makes his players respect the community and themselves. not only does he win football games and teach kids how to be better players but he teaches them life lessons. Which is why he was signed to a 3-year deal!