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  • Mount Allison's all-purpose ace Gary Ross is the choice of AUS coaches to be the conference's Hec Crighton Trophy nominee, even though his Mounties are 0-7. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

  • Standout Sherbrooke defensive back Ludovic Kashindi was a pretty fair basketball player in his youth before opting for the pointy-ended ball instead of roundball. (La Tribune)

  • Saskatchewan Roughriders' Chris Getzlaf (Regina) is adjusting well to wide receiver after playing slotback most of the season (Regina Leader-Post)

  • Waterloo Warriors coach Dennis McPhee has received a vote of confidence. UW is getting better. (Waterloo Region Record)
  • It's a great day to be Laker, since the No. 9-ranked Nipissing hockey team is the school's first to appear in the CIS Top 10. In the interest of equal time, some will notice the line that "(Nipissing AD Vito) Castiglione said he was optimistic about the hockey team’s chances in its first year when it was placed in the OUA East division, where there seemed to be more opportunity to contend for a playoff spot."

    We can still be happy for Nip U, though. (North Bay Nugget)

  • St. Thomas centre Matt Eagles has a good take on his Tommies and their thin blue line taking on No. 1-ranked UNB tonight:
    "Eagles calls on an analogy from his former (QMJHL) coach in Moncton, Danny Flynn.

    " ... 'He always used to say that if your fist is smaller than the other team's fist, you've got to squeeze it even tighter ... You've got to be a tight knit group, and that's the way we've got to play.' "

    No doubt this a well-worn and trite joke down East, but did anyone read the headline, "Eagles not about to concede anything" and say, "Eagles? I thought STU was the Tommies, Moncton's the Eagles. Ohhhhhh." (Fredericton Daily Gleaner)

  • Wayne Thomas previews Canada West's West Division, as the Pac-D of UBC, Simon Fraser, Fraser Valley, UVic, Thompson Rivers and Trinity Western is now known.

    Why couldn't the divisions be known as Pacific and Prairie? (

  • Not CIS, but it doesn't hurt to pass along a more abstract article about roundball: The New York Times look at how teams have got over the long-standing aversion to the three-pointer, since points-per-possession is more important than traditional shooting percentage:
    "A team would have to shoot 60 per cent on 2-pointers to match the offensive output of a team that shoots 40 per cent from beyond the three-point arc."
    It is honestly odd, speaking as someone who has never known hoops without the three-point line, to hear people who say they don't like the three-point line. The other day Jack Armstrong of The FAN 590 in Toronto said, "I don't like the three. Too many guystaking them and not enough guys making them." The gut response was to yell at the radio, "That's why the only people who call you 'The Coach' are your radio colleagues!"
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  1. I won't go as far as saying that Waterloo will definitely make the playoffs next year. But given that they don't have anyone older than a 3rd year on the team, and a severe lack of turnover shaping up for next season in the top squads, the Warriors are going to be a team to watch. Their record may not indicate it, but they've been steadily improving since McPhee took over. Had it not been for some mistakes made by young players and injuries here or there, they probably would have been in the 6th spot this year. Sorry Guelph.

  2. The post about the headline: Eagles not about to concede anything. I believe it refers to Matt Eagles, not the hockey nickname. Perhaps reading the story might help, poster.

  3. Please don't insult me by accusing me of not reading a story I clipped a quote from.

    The post identified Matt Eagles as a player on the Tommies and breaks out a quote he gave to the Daily G., so it's pretty clear it was supposed to be a play on words. You're more likely to see Eagles in a headline as a team name (it's actually the most common high school nickname in the U.S.) than as a person's name.

    I guess I should have made it really, really clear and typed, "Ohhhhhhh, now I get it," since someone clearly did not.

  4. By the way, guess what, people, hiding behind your keyboard is absolutely weak. Please don't be a dick and spoil it for the people who leave constructive comments.

  5. Cool your jets, you're way too sensitive. If you're making reference to the Eagles headline situation, then you're way off base. There's nothing about 'Ohhhhhhh that suggests it was a play on words, which it obviously was. Actually, if the story had been about Moncton, then the play on words is probably more apropos, even if the proper name of the Moncton team is Aigles Bleu.

  6. My jets are cooled. For future reference, STU was identified as "Tommies" in the post and there was a "Tommies" label. Two references should have been good indication that no one needed correcting, maybe just a suggestion of how to better get the joke cross?

    We usually try to use a label for every team we make reference to, to help users who are looking for specific information. I don't see an "Eagles" label there.

    Anyway, no biggie, let's move forward amicably. Seriously, though, I don't care if you call yourself Joey-JoJo-Jr. or whatever, it would be better if people put something identifying to their comments. It might give your input more traction with other readers and the writers (NOT posters). Thank you.

  7. ...and Neate, please keep the colour in your title, tags and posts - it's a blog!

  8. I think Jack Armstrong longs for the days in which basketball was played using real peach baskets.