Football: Week 8 point spreads

Let us all be thankful, a few days late, for Radio-Canada's decision to show the game from Sherbrooke rather than the one from Laval.

Canada West
Saskatchewan @ Manitoba (+5)
UBC @ Simon Fraser (-16)
Regina @ Alberta (-8.5)

Ottawa @ York (+25)
Laurier @ Guelph (pick 'em)
Waterloo @ Toronto (+4)
Western @ Queen's (-6.5)
McMaster @ Windsor (+14)

Bishop's @ StFX (-9.5)
Concordia @ Acadia (+5)
Mount Allison @ Laval (-40)
Saint Mary's @ McGill (+5)
Montréal @ Sherbrooke (+15)

(The favourite has covered 12 out of 22 times so far, including the "Western by 34 over York" line from last week...that one almost could have been doubled.)
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  1. Don't rub it in Rob, it has been announced yesterday that Radio-Canada will only webcast (and not broadcast) our game because of the soccer game final in which l'Impact is involved against Vancouver...

    It has been the talk of the day on the blog...

  2. York is only a 25 point dog to Ottawa?
    Are you serious?
    Ottawa hammered Guelph by 24 last week and it would have been more, had the Gee-Gees not given up a garbage time consolation TD late.
    Sinopoli will slap chop York's D and Ottawa's defensive line will puree the Lions pass protection.
    This will make the Laval game look like a cliff hanger.
    It's the easiest call of the week....Ottawa by at least 55 and maybe 70.
    I ain't jokin'.

  3. You sound pretty jazzed up ... so you stopped having a boring tuna and stopped having a boring life?

  4. You're gonna love my nuts...

  5. We can't be doin' this all day /watchesalotoflatenightTV

  6. Okay, so you're going with "Ottawa by at least 55." Care to offer your (anonymous, of course) thoughts on the other dozen matchups this weekend?

  7. 'xcept for the MtA vs Qc city, wouldn't bet on anything else in the Q + AUS this week-end... the seeds are there for a lot of surprises...

  8. The rest of your picks are OK with me Rob.
    It's just that picking Ottawa over York with just a 25 point spread is giving the Lions too much credit.
    I mean, what is their per game average point differential?
    Everybody hammers York.
    Even Toronto was blowing them up 31-0 before they realized they were Toronto.
    And besides isn't in Ottawa's best interest to get the best point differential they can?
    I say Ottawa shows no mercy.

  9. Money to be made this weekend.

    Ottawa -25
    Waterloo -4
    Western +6.5
    McMaster -14

  10. It's the easiest call of the week....Ottawa by at least 55 and maybe 70.

    All hail Rob.