Basketball:'s first Top 10

Mark Wacyk at did an early season Top 10; records from games vs. CIS foes only
  1. Carleton (6-0)
  2. UBC (3-0)
  3. Calgary (3-0)
  4. McMaster (7-0)
  5. Dalhousie (5-1)
  6. Toronto (6-1)
  7. Trinity Western (1-0)
  8. Cape Breton (2-1)
  9. Windsor (2-1)
  10. Saskatchewan (5-1)
Honourable mention: Queen's (4-0), St. FX (5-2), Laurier (4-1).
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1 comment:

  1. Conspicuously absent from this top 10 list is any team from the QSSF.
    In fact, you'll probably won't see a team from the Q in the top 15.
    Small wonder.
    Quebec teams have won just 13 out of 37 non conference games for a dismal .351 winning percentage.
    Compared to the other conferences, it is by far the worst in the CIS.
    It might be possible that at no time this season a QSSF team cracks the top 10, based on the league's abysmal non-conference record.
    Even if one of these teams eventually puts it together and dominates the Q regular season, voters might bear in mind that team is merely the best of a poor lot.
    BTW, I've seen Bishop's play six times this year on two successive weekends here in Ottawa.
    That's quite enough, thank you very much.