Football: Guelph-Western live blog, Saturday 1 p.m.

Check in at 1 p.m. Saturday for another lively liveblog of the Guelph-Western OUA football quarter-final, which is live on The Score and 1290 AM in London.

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  1. I had an opportunity to watch the Guelph/Western quarter-final today and these are the impressions that I came to.

    One, the Mustangs seem to have accepted that they can’t convert every third down opportunity. The maturity in game-calling that the Mustangs displayed will only help to make them that much more difficult to compete against. In short: these ponies aren't going to beat themselves.

    Two, Alexander Robinson just had his coming out party. The Defensive End played a masterful game that hi-lighted his speed and athletic ability. The Hawks will pose different challenges for this super-soph and his line mates but suddenly it appears that the cupboard isn't as bare on the D-line as it initially seemed.

    Three, as important a story as Faulds always will be, there is another guy taking his share of the lime light now. Nathan Riva is what makes this Mustang offensive hum at its very best.

    Ultimately, I think everyone can agree that the better team won today. However, in the victory the Western received more bumps and bruises for their efforts. Still, championship pedigree is an intangible quality and only those who have it can flaunt it.

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  2. I don't think it was a surprise that Western beat Guelph today...they've only done it something like 13 out of their last 14 meetings.
    I think the game illustrated just how average or perhaps below average a team Guelph really is.
    There is only so much Dunk could do, and their were no miracles to be had.