Football Top 10: Calgary's support craters, Queen's slips into second spot

Your guess is as good as what happened to Calgary's first-place support. Laval got 45 of 55 first-place votes in this week's UFRC/CIS Top 10, with Queen's taking eight and the Dinos getting only two. It's like they were dinged for being on a bye.

It's the first time in a couple weeks the first eight spots on my ballot have not synched up with the consensus, since Calgary and Queen's were in the 2-3 slots. AlwaysOUA also wonders how McMaster and Guelph are still getting votes, but if Matt Carkner can get a NHL contract from the Ottawa Senators and Chip Caray can broadcast a playoff baseball, well, the bar's not too high.

As always, we list each team's rise or fall in points:
  1. Laval Rouge et Or (+191)
  2. Queen's Golden Gaels (+108)
  3. Calgary Dinos (+16)
  4. Montreal Carabins (-459)
  5. Saskatchewan Huskies (+255)
  6. Western Mustangs (-99)
  7. Saint Mary's Huskies (+143)
  8. Ottawa Gee-Gees (+272)
  9. St. Francis Xavier X-Men (-720)
  10. McMaster Marauders (-38)
Also receiving votes: Laurier (-8), Sherbrooke (+43), Alberta (+14), Guelph (-7), Simon Fraser (+1).

Off the board: McGill (-12)
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  1. There is no way now that anyone can't say there is OUA Bias!!!! 4 OUA teams AGAIN even though McMaster had squeeked by both Windsor and Toronto the last few weeks. Sherbrooke and Alberta both deserve to be ranked ahead of McMaster (except in the eyes of the Ontario voters who have know idea what is going on in the CIS outside of Ontario!) Western does not deserve to be ranked above Saint Mary's either!

  2. I now have to agree NO WAY Mac belongs in the Top10 and it is now very clear there is an OUA bias in the rankings (for what ever reason?). I think spots 5,6,7 can be shifted up or down (Western's dee is has not impressed me at all). Have been reading that Smu has been battling sickness (along with Acadia) and now they are getting players back and are getting healthy (this weeks game with X will tell a huge story) The picture could be come clearer after this weekend

  3. Matt Carkner reference ftw.

  4. Ottawa beat york... +272

  5. So long as Mac plays "up" they are a decent team. I have seen them play live against Queen's, Western and Laurier and they "hang around" even when the better team ahead.

    Agree totally, Marauders are overranked at present, but believe that Ottawa team with progressive season may pose a threat both at the OUA level and perhaps further.

    No dominant teams to date in the OUA, although Queen's plays the most consistent, low error football in the OUA(Guelph game excepted). Basically in game against Western, Queen's receivers played better and Queen's secondary made less mistakes than Mustangs. Suspect however winning TD by Queen's, a call from the coaches box upstairs in press box that noticed Western D flaw just ripe for calling special play.

  6. I'm just asking: How is a game-winning TD suspect if the coaches spot something they can exploit? Isn't that the name of the game, to sniff out an opponent's vulnerability?

  7. If MAC beats Guelph - they are deserving of #10 going into the playoffs.

  8. Depends which guelph shows up. If mac beats the guelph that showed up against western and queens then yes they are deserving. If it's the guelph that showed up against ottawa and laurier, then not so much.

  9. I'm not really sure how someone can downplay what Queen's has done thus far on the basis that they play smart, they don't turn the ball over, have coaches that spot holes in the other team, make less mistakes, and win positional battles (as was alleged above). Believe it or not, that's the sign of a very good team.

  10. Always OUA I hear what your saying and do believe Queen's is a good team but I think the point many are making is it is easy to look good when you play terrible teams. If they beat Western in the playoff game (assuming they get to the Yates) then go on and play Laval or Montreal and IF they beat them then move on and beat either Calgary or Saint Mary's in the VC then I guess everyone who is questioning them will be wrong. Personally I don't see them beating the 3 top teams in the other divisions once out of The OUA!

  11. Queen's doesn't beat 1-5 Acadia by your "Top 3" criteria, then. Please stop being a lily-gilder.
    Give me a league where the first-place team has to play two playoff games to get out of its conference, too.

  12. Yes an Acadia team (flu or no flu) who if in the OUA would be competing for a playoff spot

  13. Doesn't anyone ever get tired of "my conference is better then your conference?"

    Whether it's here, or on other CIS football blogs, the same rationale is reiterated over and over again.

    A National interlocking schedule won't happen in the near or far future.

    Likely 26 teams won't compete with the #1 week in and week out..... at least find solice in the fact that the OUA winner has to face Laval first so the other conferences can state I told you so earlier then last year when an OUA team played in the Vanier.

  14. I really couldn't care less who beats who for conferential bragging rights. The fact is (to bring up the earlier example) that Queen's is now the only undefeated team in the nation. They did it by winning every single game they've played thus far. They've had three close games. One against an explosive Guelph team in their first game, One against McMaster where they had their starting QB knocked out and had an extremely raw freshman play the majority of the game, and last week's game against Western the two time defending conference champs. I think it's also helpful to point out that Queen's loses one powderpuff game as they don't get Toronto on the schedule this season.

    Listen, I don't care which conference beats who or in a fantastical hypothetical game which team would win, my issue is that there is a lot of downplaying the accomplishments of a team who has earned everything they've got (keep in mind they went 4 games without giving up a TD). Queen's is quite good, and if they end up winning the Yates and face Laval, we will see what happens when the time comes. Although it should be noted that Laval would be travelling to Richardson Stadium, and Queen's (historically) has a good out of conference record. Just some food for thought.