Football: Week 9 point spreads

SFU won't be forfeiting any games this week; I can guarantee you that.

Canada West
Manitoba @ UBC (+3)
Alberta @ Saskatchewan (-12)
Regina @ Calgary (-17)

Guelph @ McMaster (-5.5)
Queen's @ Laurier (+4)
York @ Waterloo (-20)
Windsor @ Ottawa (-24.5)
Toronto @ Western (-32)

McGill @ Concordia (-12)
Montréal @ Bishop's (+9.5)
Laval @ Sherbrooke (+13) (a typo originally had this as -13, which....yeah)

StFX @ Saint Mary's (-13)
Acadia @ Mount Allison (+4)

(So far, the favourite has covered 18 out of 34 times.)
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  1. Any idea why the coaches teleconference is not posted anywhere or highlighted in your blog

  2. It was a busy morning Thursday getting Mike Aylward's mega-post edited and online. It seemed to be a more interesting offering than the coaches' conference call and there was a time crunch, so something had to be chopped.

    The "Thursdays with Coaches" typically doesn't get a ton of comments. Ideally, I would post it as audio, but I don't have that technological capability as of yet.

  3. QUFL
    Laval @ Sherbrooke (-13)

    You mean... really?

  4. Ottawa failed to cover last week, mainly because they inexplicably allowed 31 points to an offensively challenged York team.
    However, this week they should do it if no other reason Windsor will be completely dispirited from losing an OT game it could have won under the most bizarre circumstances.

  5. Not a lot of value out there but...

    Guelph +5.5
    Queen's -4
    York +20
    Ottawa -24.5 -- come on you bums! Cover!
    Western -32

  6. The conference call audio seems to be available here.