Media: Radio-Canada wants a sports channel, too

Radio-Canada has got back into university sports with a QUFL package this fall. Now it's looking to expand upon that, possibly:
"Radio-Canada announced yesterday is has submitted an application for a new licence to operate a new national French specialty channel to be called RADIO-CANADA SPORTS.

Radio-Canada mentions that this new channel would focus mainly on Canadian content devoting most of its airtime to amateur sports." -- press release
It's very preliminary, mind you. Quebecor Media, which owns TVA, is also eyeing starting a sports channel to compete alongside RDS and RIS. It's purely speculative how much it would cover university sports, but one could foresee expanded football coverage of both the QUFL and CEGEP circuit, since a demand exists. It's not so clear with basketball and hockey.

Radio-Canada might be the horse to back if you want to see more CIS coverage on regular cable. The release makes passing reference to CBCSportsPlus, the English-language channel which has not yet won approval, plus there's the shaky status of another amateur sports channel, as per a William Houston Truth & Rumours post from last night that someone totally piggybacked upon.
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  1. Just to add a bit of precision, Quebecor project seems to be tied with the return of "Les Nordiques" in Qc city... (That's where the big money is)

    I don't think Mr. Peladeau cares about CIS sports... Radio-Can, on the other hand, would probably be a better promoter of CIS sports.

    There's only be place for one of the 2 projects....

  2. I should add that, thanks ... I guess I betrayed how seriously I'm taking my boss Pierre Karl's NHL ambitions (not happening).

  3. You know that PKP starting in January an amateur hockey reality show on TVA with a team from Montreal (coached by Guy Carbonneau) and one from Québec (Michel Bergeron)...

    He was so pissed not getting the CH, he tries to re-create the Mtl-QC rivalry with its media properties...

    I hope he gets a team in Qc city soon, just to stop those weird shows!

  4. Giving him a NHL team won't cure his weirdness (off-topic).