Linking the country ... how hurt is Faulds?

  • Western Mustangs coach Greg Marshall told Morris Dalla Costa that QB Michael Faulds' "knee's a little swollen and sore, but there is no ligament damage we know of. I expect he will play on Saturday."

    The upshot is Faulds has sacrificed so much for his team and the game you'd hope he wouldn't finish his career watching his team play. (London Free Press)

  • All of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' points in that 44-44 tie last weekend vs. Calgary were scored by Canadians, including touchdown catches by Andy Fantuz (Western) and Chris Getzlaf (Regina).
    "The Riders have established non-imports as a priority since Eric Tillman replaced Roy Shivers as general manager on Aug. 23, 2006 ...Saturday’s game offers proof of Tillman’s statements.

    "(Rob) Bagg, Fantuz, Getzlaf and Jason Clermont each had more than 50 yards in total receptions. They also accounted for 29 of (QB Darian) Durant’s 35 completed passes and 361 of the Riders’ 427 total passing yards.
    (Regina Leader-Post)

  • How did you know the Guelph Mercury would be the one to write, "For example, Waterloo would get the playoff berth if it won by 67 points and Guelph lost by 30?" Tomorrow, the same writer will write you could get a date with your celebrity crush if your annual income increased $6.7 million and hers/his dropped by $3 million.

  • Queen's QB Dan Brannagan gets the "cool customer" tag. (Burlington Post)
  • Former Queen's centre (and football running back) Billy Burke has signed on as an assistant coach with the OHL's Niagara IceDogs, the team owned and operated by his parents. (St. Catharines Standard)

  • Every so often, there's a good story about a player who basically recruits himself. Defenceman Joe Tolles is that guy for No. 6 Brock. (St. Catharines Standard)
  • Mark Wacyk has a look at several teams across the country heading into a fun weekend of non-conference tournaments, including UVic's Guy Vetrie Memorial (Alberta, Carleton and Fraser Valley are coming) and the Ottawa Gee-Gees' Jack Donohue Tip-off Tournament (Bishop's, Cape Breton, Toronto). The Showron Glover-led Saskatchewan Huskies have McGill, Regina and Thompson Rivers in for the weekend. It's the best chance to see some unique matchups from now until the Christmas holidays. (

  • Former Windsor all-Canadian centre Greg Surmacz is getting along very well playing professionally in Poland. (
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  1. Another interesting article. I look forward to reading these blogs, they always intrigue and interest me. I am very glad to being a part of this site. Thanks for keeping us informed and God Bless!

  2. Good Question, how hurt is Faulds? While watching the PVR of Western & Queens; Faulds (with a previous knee injury as evidenced by the brace on his left knee)went down untouched while running the option. He was trying to stop his forward momentum with his left leg in order to pitch the ball. Later in the game he drops to the ground while simply walking backwards; and it wasn't a trip and fall scenario. Also the "purple wall" of players surrounding Faulds on the training table while the camera was nearby is also telling. If he simply tweaked his knee, why all the secrecy. No, I suspect that the injury is more ominous than reported; and Mr Marshall is not being 100% truthful about "no ligament damage". Don't be surprised if it is later released that Faulds has a torn ACL.