Football: Gee-Gees move into Guelph's old spot; top eight teams stay in place

For the record, my ballot was a spot-on match for the first nine spots, with Alberta instead of McMaster at the 10 slot. Here is the UFRC/CIS Top 10 (if teams' totals are down, it might because a few voters did not file ballots, what with the holiday weekend and the QUFL having a bye week):
  1. Montreal Carabins (-49)
  2. Laval Rouge et Or (-7)
  3. Calgary Dinos (-8)
  4. Queen's Golden Gaels (even)
  5. Western Mustangs (+3)
  6. St. Francis Xavier X-Men (+7)
  7. Saskatchewan Huskies (+4)
  8. Saint Mary's Huskies (-12)
  9. Ottawa Gee-Gees (+110)
  10. McMaster Marauders (+34)

    Also receiving votes: Regina Rams (+111), Laurier Golden Hawks (+71), McGill Redmen (even), Guelph Gryphons (-288), Alberta Golden Bears (even).

    Off the list: Simon Fraser (-1),, Manitoba Bisons [-30].
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  1. Western has given up way to many points to still be that high up. I would move 6,7,8 up one and move 5 to 8. I can also think of at least 5 teams that should be in the number 10 spot

  2. My question is how does Calgary drop 8 and SMU 12? SMU played all first year rookies at DL due to injuries and flu and pulled out most of their starters in the second half of the game? I think many are underestimating Saint Mary's?

  3. Carabin and Rouge et Or did'ent play and they dropped also. The OUA bias plays a big part in all 4 teams dropping! I think McGill, Sherbrooke, Alberta, Regina, Laurier should all be in that spot over McMaster (who had a tight game with Toronto this past weekend) is not on level with those teams

  4. It is hard to figure. With respect to claiming OUA bias, though, Queen's stayed put in points and Western made only a token gain.

    My only explanation is that there was more standard deviation this week ... Montreal got No. 1 last week because it got the most second-place votes ... perhaps some people flipped Calgary into the 2-spot, but others put the Dinos behind Queen's, which I didn't.

    For the record, my ballot matches the first 9 spots on this week's, with Alberta at No. 10 instead of Mac. I figured I couldn't drop the Golden Bears because it's not their fault they have a bye. Besides, they face Regina this weekend.

  5. Sager I agree with your assessment but still believe when it gets down to the few picks the OUA teams tend to show up there even though there really are more deserving teams in the CIS that should be in. I think that on any given day teams 1-8 could possibly beat one another (something the CIS game has not seen a few years). This weeks game between Queen's a Western is going to tell a BIG story. My feeling is if The Golden Gales win they are better then I (and many posters) give them given they have not had the strongest schedule this season. but if they loose they I will be the first to admit they are a top 5 team and deserve that rating. Western on the other hand if they loose I would think they should drop 8,9 or 10 as I too am not convinced their D is all the great! Side note the McGill & SMU game could also tell a story (could be an upset if SMU does not get healthy soon)

  6. This is pretty much how most federal-provincial meets go isn't it? You know, with the rest of the country moaning about bias, neglect, and Ontario in general.

    Like I've said in the past, if you don't live in Ontario you just don't matter. Go back to you're cows, oil wells, and fishing boats and try to learn to deal with it.

    Happy Side

    PS. Although its been said many times and many ways . . . Go Stangs Go.

  7. Hey Superfan...
    Don't you mean if you don't live in SOUTHERN Ontario in general and the GTA in particular, you don't matter?
    Folks who live in eastern and northern Ontario can tell you a thing or two when it comes to dealing with the arrogance of Ontario provincial politics.
    Toronto is the center of the f-ing known's the mantra of the media in this country.

  8. @Superslider - no cows, certainly not oil wells and no fishing boat here... find me something... maybe another French politician to throw at you?? :P

  9. I was going to add poutine and meat pie to my slander but I thought you Frenchies were a little to sensitive for that type of jab. Oh well, now you haven't been forgotten.

  10. If I could drag the conversation back to the Top 10 list for a second, it seems like we have the same thing happening here as in other Top 10 votes: early in the season, nobody knows what's what and the teams are ranked all over the place; then, the voter who early in the year put Team X 9th will gradually move Team X up to #2 because everyone else keeps putting them at 2 or 3.

    Not criticizing anyone in particular here, or indeed offering any criticism at all. Just an observation.

    (Although I don't think Calgary is, or has been, the #1 team at any point this year...but this vote is a snapshot of opinions, not a predictive system so I can live with it.)

  11. It's groupthink writ large and no one knows anything. This much is true.