Hockey: Ryerson two-thirds of the way to MLG makeover; report

Ryerson basically needs a "third leg" to fund the renovation of Maple Leaf Gardens, where the Leafs played back when they were a hockey team and not a bank.
"Ryerson President Sheldon Levy announced at a Senate meeting on Oct. 6 that the Weston family and Loblaws are pledging $20 million to build the facility. That matches the amount the school committed after a student referendum passed last year."

There are also architectural details:
"Ryerson's hockey team (would) play their games on the building's third floor under the historic rafters. The rink will be accompanied by championship-sized volleyball and basketball courts.

"The Gardens' second floor will house student facilities like a women's-only gym, high performance centre and studios."

Sweet. Without speaking for all the contributors, there's no reason not to be in the tank for this project.

Maple Leaf Gardens project to cost $60M (Amit Shilton, Ryerson Eyeopener)
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