Football: Point spreads, Oct. 31

This was published after Friday's games, so I haven't included them below.

OUA quarterfinals
McMaster @ Ottawa (-9.5)
Guelph @ Western (-12)

Regular season
Sherbrooke @ Montréal (-13)
Laval @ McGill (+20)
Concordia @ Bishop's (-2.5)
Calgary @ Alberta (+6.5)
Simon Fraser @ Manitoba (-4)

The favourite has covered just less than half the time (24 out of 47 games).
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  1. Manitoba won by 3, although if Scott Dixon makes a 33-yard field goal, they win by 5.

    Bishop's won by 2.

    Western also covered.

    Montreal was up 11 until Sherby scored late.

  2. It's not like I want every team to cover (that would be a bad thing) but Bishop's couldn't get one more? Manitoba couldn't hold off a rouge? Come on, guys!

    Anyway, the regular season ends with 54 picks, 27 of which were covered by the favourite; exactly half. Sometimes, it looks like I know what I'm talking about.

  3. Gee, I'm sorry we didn't go for two after scoring that touchdown....