Hockey: Top 10 tracker; Golden Bears, T-Wolves get big home sweeps

Here's the weekend so far for the top teams in men's hockey:
  1. UNB Varsity Reds (166 points) (12-0, 4-0-0 AUS) — Had a good weekend on the road, beating Saint Mary's (7-4 on Saturday) and Acadia (3-2 on Friday). The first game was tied until Luke Gallant untied it with a mere 101 seconds left, so people might cool with it the talk the Varsity Reds would finish ahead of half the teams in the ECHL, a handful of AHL squads and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  2. Alberta Golden Bears (135) (9-2, 6-0-1 CW) — Swept Saskatchewan 6-4 and 4-1 at home with Chad Klassen scoring a hat trick in the second game. Friday's two-goal margin might have flattered the Huskies, who scored three goals in the final six minutes.

  3. Manitoba Bisons (95) (10-4, 5-2-1 CW) — Earned home split with a 3-2 shootout win over Calgary on Saturday. Ian Duval, who helped Kelowna win the WHL title last season, factored in both Bisons goals and scored in the first round of the shootout.

    Dan Ehrman scored the winner with 70 seconds left in Friday's 2-1 decision for the Dinos.

  4. UQTR Patriotes (80) (7-2, 5-0-0 OUA-E) — Needed two in the final 20 minutes to get a 4-2 win at Ryerson on Saturday at George Bell Arena, which is not named after the former ballplayer. Gave up the first and final goal of the night, but still recorded an 8-2 blowout of Queen's on Friday.

  5. Saint Mary's Huskies (78) (7-3, 3-1-0 AUS) — Earned 4-of-6 points after a 6-5 shootout win over UPEI on Sunday and 7-4 loss to UNB on Saturday.

    SMU got a two-goal night from Brad Smith in a Wednesday's 7-3 win over Acadia. Fun fact: All three of SMU's power-play goals were on the first shot of the man advantage.

  6. Brock Badgers (77) (4-6, 4-2-0 OUA-W) — Lost 4-0 and 4-3 at Lakehead.

  7. Lakehead Thunderwolves (76) (6-1, 4-0-1 OUA-W) — Swept Brock, with Victor Anilane's getting three goals in the series and and Kyle Moir stopping 45-of-48 shots. It sounds like Brock was completely stuffed offensively.

  8. McGill Redmen (61) (6-2-1, 2-0-0 OUA-E) — Went unbeaten on a two-game trip south vs. Ivy League teams after beating Dartmouth (the one in New Hampshire) 7-4 on Saturday, with Alexandre Picard-Hooper and Patrick Belzile dropping the hammer with back-to-back goals in the third period. The Redmen were actually up two goals before settling for a 3-3 tie with Harvard on Friday in Boston.

  9. UBC Thunderbirds (40) (4-6, 3-2-1 CW) — Were swept 6-4 and 2-1 at Lethbridge.

    The Pronghorns' Adam Chorneyko and Dustin Moore each had five-point nights, obviously in the first game.

  10. Waterloo Warriors (33) (6-3, 4-1-1 OUA-W) — Split a pair of 4-2 decisions, losing to UOIT in the Ridgebacks' second conference win (Josh Vatri scored two goals). Got outshot 42-26 Friday but beat Guelph.
Also receiving votes: Acadia Axemen (26), Laurier Golden Hawks (25), St. Francis Xavier X-Men (18), Saskatchewan Huskies (12), Western Mustangs (5), Nipissing Lakers (4), Carleton Ravens (4).

Acadia might get more support after playing UNB even for 58 minutes. Carleton also came from two goals down on the road to top Toronto 4-2, but then had the short turnaround and lost to Queen's on Saturday.

Incidentally, Carleton has four games in five nights the week after next with the exhibition game vs. the Swedish U20 team, a midweek trip to McGill and a home-and-home with Nipissing. Who scheduled that?
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  1. AUS chamapion SMU, who have only played one conference game so far, host Acadia on Wednesday night. Wtih UNB playing both those teasm on the weekend, we'll have a better idea about how these projected Top-3 AUS teams looks against each other.

  2. Yes, so one voter has Brock first, and UNB fifth, despite UNB blanking Brock 4-0 and 5-0 September 18-19.

    Not that I'm saying anything ...

  3. Laurier vastly outplayed Waterloo and are splitting game duties between vetern Jeff MacDougald and rookie Ryan Daniels in net yet they aren't ranked?

    Brock with FOUR losses is?

  4. Despite the subjectivity of the rankings it is quite impressive to see Nipissing receiving some votes.

  5. Couple of comments. Missing from the ranking above is Lakehead, who are ranked 7th. McGill is 8th, UBC 9th, and Waterloo 10th.

    My hunch is that, as usual, there's UNB and Alberta, and then everyone else.

    AGree with comment about Waterloo. Not only were they badly outplayed by Laurier, but they were also badly outplayed by Western and won.

    Guelph is a very good team this year, although their record doesn't show it. They smothered Western last week but lost. I think you'll see them in the top 10 at some point.

  6. It's nice in one respect that a few voters put Nipising on their ballot,

    but seriously,

    you wouldn't think that between the 7 CW & 8 AUS teams alone someone couldn't come up with 10 teams better than the new kids on the block in the OUA?


  7. I agree with the comment about Guelph. Not that shots on goal are the be all and end all (nor are they always accurately reported), but in their three games they have outshot their opponents 139 to 62; They outshot both Laurier and Western by 26 and lost both games, and outshot UOIT by 25 and won. At some point you'd expect more of their pucks are going to go in the net.

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  9. Lakehead completed the sweep of Brock on Saturday in a close game. So much for Brock's first place vote. Lakehead should move up one spot to #6.

  10. UNB beat SMU 7-4 on Saturday...not 4-2

  11. nipissing is going to sweep carleton and make it 7 in a row

  12. Conversely...SMU lost 7-4 to UNB, not 4-2