CIS website relaunches ... I guess?

After weeks of our being all over the CIS for its website in transition, it's only right of us to pass along word that it is now up here. Even if it's not, presumably, at 100% yet. Or anywhere near it.

In other words, the initial reactions from this corner aren't positive. Some issues:
  • Individual statistics must be in transition, because there's no reason this is still acceptable in 2009. It's also glaring that, for men's hockey, the statistics link sends you nowhere of any consequence; and for women's basketball, you get sent to the schedule page.
  • They've added a non-conference schedule page, but the exhibition results are clearly just the results for a few teams (Brock and Laurier, for instance). It's not even a halfway step.
  • Give them credit for linking teams in schedule pages and in the standings; however not one of the game results in any schedule I've found has a link to a box score. You know, those sport-y things that have been around for 100 years or so.
  • "It's the same basic bear, Homer." Whatever flashy (or Flash-y) features are added doesn't take away from the fact that this website is very, very similar in layout to the one we all used (and often complained about) last year.
It's best to assume that a) the problems with this process start from above; not with the unlucky webmaster who is presumably over-worked and under-resourced (if one can verbify "resource") and 2) they're still working through this mess and they'll make the appropriate changes, hopefully soon--so it's too early to conclude much of anything about the new site.

But they definitely need to move forward from this point, because what they have so far isn't nearly good enough to justify the months of near-non-functionality.
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