Football: On Canadian talent, be prescriptive, not reactive

David Naylor followed up his post from Thursday that left three-down devotees hot and bothered. It might an uncomfortable truth, but his word is solid as oak, given the mantle he's built with superb reporting and writing across the past two decades:
"(T)he issue I wrote about is absolutely real. In fact, I had a CFL executive write to me to say he was upset with my item because he thinks teams should be doing something about the problem, not complaining about it or looking for the quota to be cut. But this same executive agreed the problem exists and his team is facing it right now as well.

"Are there solutions that could help to better cultivate the talent in this country? It would seem there should be since there’s no doubt that more and better football is being played in this country than 20 years ago. And yet the same complaints resonate from the CFL about not having enough good Canadians.

"It's a story that requires more digging because the problem isn't just in the head of one or two lazy general managers." (Emphasis mine)

Just stating the facts, folks (Naylor's Sideline View)
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  1. Why isn't the CIS doing something about this problem? For starters, why don't Francophone schools get off their asses: there are only THREE schools serving a huge football-playing population in Quebec, for Christ's sakes.