Basketball: Eligibility ruling would cost UQAM, Concordia players —

Mark Wacyk has a should-read report on a ruling which could hurt a couple Québec conference
"Very reliable sources (thanks !) indicate that Fédération Québécoise du sport étudiant (FQSE/QSSF) this morning rescinded the ruling allowing those CEGEP players who do not have their DEC (Graduating certificate) to play this year. The federation that oversees university sport in Quebec ruled that prospective student/athletes must complete 18 university credits in order to become eligible."

Not to mow Mark's grass — newsroom lingo for infringing on another writer's turf — but it could cost Concordia two players and UQAM one. Yours truly isn't the one to comment on these QSSF goings-on, being the one who had a Laval player playing for Sherbrooke earlier today (d'oh!).
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  1. As long as you're not confusing the Carabins and the Rouge & Or, Neate, you're fine with us... :)