Football: CFL's 'Riders complete unique hat trick

Since we are a hockey nation, it's appropriate to say the Saskatchewan Roughriders pulled off a hat trick: Rob Bagg (Queen's) being named the CFL's Canadian player of the week means it's the third time this season a 'Riders receiver from a CIS school won the award.

Green Is The Colour, gets the fist jab for that pickup. Chris Getzlaf (Regina) and Andy Fantuz (Western) have already won this season. Bagg had 124 yards on eight receptions in Saskatchewan's 33-30 overtime win over the B.C. Lions last Saturday.
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1 comment:

  1. I think a true hat-trick will be if a Canadian player is named the Offensive, Defensive and Special teams player of the week.

    I think we're getting close to having that be a very real possibility, maybe even all 3 can be on the same team, and no doubt the Roughriders would likely have that best chance at achieving that