Football: Bishop's Blugh, St. FX's Waterman matchup the first of its kind

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald seems to have been the lone daily to comment on the historic Bishop's-St. FX matchup, the first CIS football game with two black head coaches.

Like Monty Mosher noted, neither coach is defined by race, but they know this is a watershed.
  • Leroy Blugh: "There has been a great presence of black athletes in the CIS sports in general, and in football, and I’m just very glad to see that now we’re having more black coaches in football. I think it’s a natural progression. Hopefully we’re opening some doors for some other black coaches."

  • Gary Waterman: "I guess the message would be that no matter what you want to do the door can be opened and you have opportunities.

    "I’ve had some black people tell me how proud they are. It means something to them."

It is a little surprising national media didn't do more, granted it's happening east of Montreal. There is still a couple more news cycles to fit in a story.

Streaming Sports Network Canada will have the historic matchup on Saturday at 1 p.m. Eastern.

(Nice to see Leroy Blugh, a fellow Napaneean, getting in the news.)

More than just a football game; Two black head coaches in same CIS match a 'significant moment' (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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