Leaves change, website doesn't

As you already know, it has not yet been possible to check 2009 scores, statistics, or schedules on the CIS website, and that is still true even now in the week after the Traditional Autumn Meal. But with football being the only big-ticket sport operating for most of the school year so far, this means most fans have only had to chase down conference-based information at four sites. Not a big deal if that's all you follow.

But wait, what's that on the horizon, or close in the rearview mirror?
  • Oct. 2 (i.e., twelve days ago): Men's hockey began in Canada West.
  • Oct. 9: Women's hockey season began in Canada West.
  • Oct. 16 (two days from now): Women's hockey is underway in all conferences.
  • Oct. 18: Men's hockey begins across the country.
  • Nov. 8: Men's basketball and women's basketball...you get the idea
Looking up those schedules changed my opinion on the not-yet-new-website from "this is annoying" to "hey, this is annoying." A first-world problem, to be sure, but it's clear that Managing Expectations 101 was not a required course at CIS School.

So we'll see, come any dates above that are still in the future, whether the "new-look" site is up or if it'll be another couple of months of, "Whatever, make the best of it."
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  1. On behalf of all those folk who diligently follow Canadian university sport, I must ask...
    The CIS had a window of about 5 months from the end of last season to get their "new" site up and running.
    Well, guess what?
    Here it is, mid October and all I hear are crickets chirping...
    To compound the misery, it appears Bob Adams may have packed it in.
    I loved Bob's site because it reported ALL the basketball scores, including tournaments and non conference games, something the CIS site never did.
    Unfortunately, there hasn't been anything new on his site since last year, which leads me to believe he has stopped doing it, which would be too bad.
    God, I wish the CIS would get its act together...

  2. The OUA site is just as bad. It’s been nearly a week since the men’s hockey season began … and the site still isn’t updated properly, this is very frustrating!

    Just curious, are these sites maintained on a volunteer basis?

  3. Don't blame the CIS web guy...10/15/2009 12:35 pm

    Chances the NCAA has one guy trying to not only build a website but also maintain it? Zero. Yet, the CIS brass seems to believe one man can do just that. Classic lack of vision and understanding of what it takes to service its members from Victoria to Memorial (is that the most east coast?).

  4. I always believe these issues come out of poor leadership creating its own mistakes.

    No doubt CIS brass are unhappy too.

  5. Regarding my comments about the OUA site not being updated - I would never blame ‘the web guy’, if the resources aren’t there what can one guy do … I agree with the previous posts though – poor leadership and lack of vision; I would put the blame squarely where it belongs …

    The CIS brass is just a big old dinosaur; lumbering along aimlessly … can’t they see how out of date they are?

    It’s a shame really, the CIS has some of the best student athletes in the world – it could be so much more …

  6. Yes, it's usually the institution that slows down the individual, not the other way around.

    If anyone knows more about the website issues and whatnot, I'd be interested to hear it...contact info is here.