Football: The Plesius hit was clean

It is fair to invoke the "you don't win playing nice" rule after seeing the hit Laval linebacker Frédéric Plesius laid on Montréal wideout Mathieu Razanakolona late in Sunday's game.

The Montréal press, the last bastion of the media pot-stirring (everyone else is too afraid of alienating advertisers), has screamed bloody murder. That is a stretch. It was not a block in the back, there was no leading with the helmet. It was just simple physics, a 6-foot-3, 250-pound speeding object colliding with a 170-pound speeding object.

It also sent a message if these teams meet again.
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  1. Mr. West Island10/08/2009 2:16 pm

    I hate Laval, too, but that hit was clean. 77 had a play on the ball-carrier, and he got blocked. That's football, pal. Don't like it? Don't play.

    This might also be some instant karma. 77 was arrested and pled guilty to giving out info to gangsters so they could drain peoples' bank accounts. He only did it once, but once was enough.

  2. I saw that come in when I googled that player.

    Ah, Montreal. It's a colourful town.

  3. In person, it was a lot more obvious than the YouTube rendering... and the sound and the brutality of the impact were frightening. #77 Mathieu Razakolona at 5'6" is probably the smallest player in all the CIS...

    In the video it seemed like Raza had a chance at the player, but it wasn't the case when we were live. You must also know that the game was over at that point, there were 40 seconds left. In fact it was the last real play of the game.

    We wrote in our blog: "Vicious, brutal but legal"... As if George Laraque would beat up the smallest player in the NHL...

  4. Ahhhh and Mr West Island - What has the court story of Razakolona has anything to do with that??? Made you feel better?

  5. Just wondering, Was it Razakolona that made a fool of himself skiing for Mozambique in the last winter olympics?

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  7. First of all, That hit was legal. sunday night I chat with some O-Line and even with Raz about this play: every body says it was legal, not faire, but, when thay get on the field, they expect to get hit, and if you inverse the situation, they'd do the same thing.,

    @Mr. WestIsland: about the "legal" problems of Raz, their is so many elements that medias can't publish, or just forget to say some elements that would show another aspect of this story!!

    @ Olivier : It was not Mozambique, it was Madagascar, and if you're aware of all he did to get to the O.G. and the foundation he create, the Madagascar skiing foundation.... you'd know that what he did it awesome. Second thing, If you know juste a little about ski racing, what he did in such a short perdiod of time, compare to just by example Austrians, that are raise since age 2 with skis in their feet to win gold on the world cup, you'd know that what Raz achieve, is way more thant GREAT!!!

  8. I have a feeling that Dom's whole post was written with tears in his eyes and a box of tissues at hand.

    --single tear

  9. Slider boy not that fun: Not even!

  10. @Olivier - Who's your daddy now? (Sorry Neate, cheap shot, but felt good...)

    @Superslider - Yep Dom is a good friend of Raza, and seeing him through his lense (he's a photograph) getting hit that way 15 yards from him, shooked him...

    We just put up a Q & A with Razakolona on our blog.

  11. Thanks for that, Deux Fans.

    It was pretty much what I expected him to say.

    Especially the bit about him having a problem with the whole "Aw poor little guy" reaction from the public.

    He also puts the final nail in that controversy when he points out that since Mtl was still trying to score, it was not unsportsmanlike that Laval was still playing hard.