Basketball: GGs' DeAveiro interviewed for Ryerson job; report

Let this be prefaced by saying there's a general affinity for Dave DeAveiro's program at Ottawa, and not so much fondness for reporting rumours. (MLB Trade Rumors this ain't. Those guys do good work, but my head would explode after 20 minutes of trying to figure out what is bona fide and what's a bum steer with respect to what the Blue Jays are going to do with Roy Halladay.)

However, one's ears should perk up upon reading the blogfather himself, Mark Wacyk, saying that Ryerson will soon be naming its new men's basketball coach. Glenn Taylor was let go several weeks ago.

A post on Canadian Hoops Talk said that Ryerson AD Ivan Joseph, who certainly wants to lead Ryerson to great sports prominence, had four candidates in: DeAveiro, high school legend Roy Rana from Eastern Commerce and a pair of OCAA coaches from the GTA, Darrell Glenn and Radcliffe Goulbourne.

Here is Mark's take:
"(E)xpect the new coach to be announced shortly and don't be surprised if the Rams are able to pull in a big-name, successful coach as Joseph looks to make an early big splash with what is likely their showcase sport at the University. If my guess is correct, expect one of the bigger rivalries in the CIS to suffer but another great rivalry in downtown Toronto to start. More on this topic hopefully sooner than later."
You can probably read between the lines from this point, since only one of the four coaches listed above is currently in the university game. Let's see, does Ottawa have any big rivals in basketball, whose campus might be located in Ottawa, off Bronson Ave.? Logically, if you are Ivan Joseph, how do you pass up the chance to hire a coach with a winning track record in the league, no slight intended to other candidates?

Other than that, it's time to invoke the Cliff Clavin Rule ("if only three people know the answer to something and none of them have been in your kitchen, then drink a glass of shut-the-hell-up.") and leave an out clause. I'm as inside as your patio furniture in this regard.

(Update: Dr. Joseph is away from Ryerson until Tuesday, Aug. 4, so the school is not making any comment since they are "still in progress.")

Meantime, Mark, whose contributions to coverage of Canadian university basketball are irreplaceable, noted at this site "practicalities of life to which I am committed take a higher priority" proscribes blogging every day, but he'll chime in when life allows. As fans and chroniclers of the CIS, we're lucky to have him for however much we have him.
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  1. If we're only going on Mark's "guess", who do you think the candidates would be to fill the Ottawa position if Dave leaves? It's so close to the season, so an assistant as an interim makes sense. However, which assistant:

    John Scobie
    Carlos Brown
    Clarence Porter
    Trevor Steynor
    Emil O'Neil

    Or somebody else?

  2. I was looking through some archive news on the OUA website and came across an item dated March 29, 2004.
    It was an announcement that Dave DeAveiro signed a multi-year contract to continue coaching the Gee-Gees.
    Dave had already been head coach for three seasons at that point.
    That was over five years ago...perhaps his contract had expired by now and attempts to negotiate a new one broke down?
    I was surprised at first by this but when I think of it, it kind of makes sense.
    Dave is a Toronto native after all, and although his ties to Ottawa U date back for the better part of three decades, the call home might be hard to resist, especially if Ryerson offered a sweet deal.
    After three nationals appearances in five years, and his rival Dave Smart showing no inclination to move on, maybe Dave took the Ottawa U program as far as he could.
    Whatever the reasons,if Ryerson does indeed snare Dave D, it's a giant coup for them but a HUGE blow for Ottawa U, not only the basketball program but for their athletics image overall.
    This story, IMO, supercedes SFU defection as the story of the year in Canadian unversity basketball...that is, if it does come to pass.

  3. If his contract with Ottawa is up and he gets a better offer from another university, he could potentially show it to Ottawa and say: match or better it and I will stay. That would be intersting.

  4. I think you may be right.
    The supposed deadline for announcing a new coach was Monday, according to a blogger on CHT.
    But Monday has come and gone, with nothing mentioned yet.
    It could be Dave has resisted re-signing so far with Ottawa because he feels he's not getting an offer he feels he's worth.
    A counter offer from Ryerson could up the ante considerably, and force Ottawa's administration to give Dave what he believes is FMV.
    I really hope this is the case, and Ottawa U does resign him.
    No offense to the other candidates, but he would be my hands down choice for the Ryerson job.
    Two OUA East COY awards in a division that includes Mike Katz and Dave can't beat that CV.

  5. One impartial statement ... Ryerson apparently has a choice between a proven CIS coach who already restored one team to relevancy, or hiring someone who could pull off such a feat.

    Ultimately, though, if you are fan and you want stability, you'd root for Ryerson to find the right guy, but not have that be Ottawa's guy!

  6. I haven't seen any recruiting announcements coming from Ottawa U. Is this a sign that their head coach isn't fully engaged? I hope not. I'd much prefer to see the Ottawa/Carleton rivalry continue.

  7. Recruiting announcements, for any sport, are rare and haphazard. for some reason they do not like to do it. Most of what you here about Ottawa recruits come from other sources such as the athletes friends and families, former teams, hometown newspapers, or just plain ruours.

  8. I'll second the last comment. There is nothing binding a recruit to a particular school and no one knows for sure until he/she enrolls. That makes it perfectly understandable if schools don't want to announce anything until well into August.

    At the same time, enquiring minds would like to know.

  9. Yeah we would like to know. A couple of seasons ago Gee-Gees football had this really big lineman out of an Ontario high school, He would have been one of the biggest on any team. They helped him look for a place to live in Ottawa. Come training camp he did not show. Efforts to contact him at his last address received no answer . His new landlord did not hear from him. I do not know if they ever heard from him again, but he never arrived and I do not think he showed up at any other CIS camp either. It is things like this that make some schools not want to give new recruits to much advance publicity, just to be left with egg on their faces.

  10. All comments are true. But if they had a big name recruit we'd have heard about it.
    News flash: I just checked They have one recruit listed for Ottawa: Ryan Malcolm-Campbell 6’2” G (Mississauga, ON/Erindale)
    Seems like a nice pick up. But they really need a big.