Football: Week 7 point spreads; or, "go watch the baseball playoffs instead"

This is apparently the week for lopsided matchups: just one game is within ten points here. And you don't want to know what the line for York/Western actually was before I toned it down. (Hint: it started with a 4.)

Canada West
UBC @ Saskatchewan (-14)
Simon Fraser @ Regina (-5.5)
Manitoba @ Calgary (-15)

York @ Western (-34)
Toronto @ McMaster (-16)
Guelph @ Ottawa (-5.5)
Windsor @ Laurier (-17)
Queen's @ Waterloo (+19)

FQSE: bye week

StFX @ Acadia (+11)
Saint Mary's @ Mount Allison (+14.5)

So far, the favourite has covered 4 out of 12 times, he said, shaking his fist at Laval and Western.
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  1. Mac by only 16? Really?

  2. You know, I remember a MAC-Toronto game at Les Prince Stadium a few years ago in which the Toronto punter made the evening highlight reel..for all the wrong reasons.
    On a punt, this guy shanked it so badly it flew over the bleachers and out onto the street.
    That was the most spectacularly inept kick I had ever seen at any level of football.