Bleeding Tricolour: Queen's stands united behind one name

It is still 10 days away, but The Score's promo for the Oct. 17 University Rush game between 5-0 Queen's and (cough) 4-1 Western is posted. It looks pretty sharp.

You would have to be really obsessive to notice it, but the Western players say, "We are the Western Mustangs." The Big Yellow Guys, QB Dan Brannagan, linebacker T.J. Leeper, slotback Devan Sheahan and linebacker Chris Smith, say, "We are Queen's University."

It's pretty well-played, using the full name of the school. It neatly sidesteps last fall's Golden Gaels/Gaels mini-furore. Queen's is also big on playing up the school name in its marketing and maybe it helps point out about how The Game is part of something larger at Queen's than just the team.

It is kind of funny how that issue has gone away this season. It's like everyone just learned to get along with it. The P.A. announcer at Richardson Stadium has been using "Golden Gaels," and so have a lot of Kingston media. It's like it's a coolness test; if outlets in other markets who are not bound by OUA policy use "Queen's Gaels," it's like it reveals how little care and regard some have for Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Either way, the focus is on the field.
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  1. Like the rest of the CIS promos this year on the score I think this ones kinda lame... anyways have to give the score props for at least promoting CIS unlike most MSM. Anyways I must admit seeing the Mustangs do their spiel with the Yates Cup and the Gaels do it empty handed hurts. Can't wait for the 17th!

  2. Agree on the lameness of the promos to a degree. The fact is if you're trying to promote a brand, you don't have players say "Do you know who I am?" simply because it's pretty easy for anyone to say "Nope." and switch the channel. Now, if we are giving some real info about people, we're getting warmer. We've got two QBs in a race to become the country's #1 all-time passer head to head and we say nothing? That's a problem.

    Funny thing on the whole Gael/Golden Gael debacle. I write Gael, but say Golden Gael in conversation. It's like when the Blue Jays were debating dropping the Blue because everyone calls them the Jays anyway. Queen's actually went ahead with it. I think it's dumb, but I'm not in a position to make decisions.


  3. I do not think you have to be obsessive at all to notice it. How many teams do to not state the nickname of their school?

    This has been a big mistake.

  4. Did anyone notice in the promo for the Ottawa @ Laurier game last week that no Ottawa players even spoke. If you blinked at the wrong time you would have missed them altogether. Now I know The Score hates to make the trip up to Ottawa for games but to practically exclude from their own promo is pushing it. Someone at Ottawa must have done something to piss off The Score.

  5. In 2006 made them travel to ottawa for both the yates and the mitchell. As well as ruined their marquis yates cup match last year of queen's vs. western.