Football: Rouge et Or, Carabins tee it up on TSN2

The QSSF just put out a press release: The Laval-Montreal game (Sunday, 1 p.m.) will be aired on TSN2.

It is a promising step forward to get a QSSF regular-season game on a national network and it is noteworthy a game is being aired nationally opposite Sunday's NFL slate on CTV. Having Radio-Canada is good, but some of us are tragically unilingual.
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  1. This will be the closest game Laval is involved in all season (although it won't be close), and I'm including the playoffs.

    That's what one would expect when you have a semi-pro outfit competing with amateur teams.

  2. In the words of Barf from Spaceballs, "When you're right, you're right, and you, you're always right."

    Hey, even the USSR hockey team lost a few every now and again.

  3. Hmm...USSR...QSSF. Those acronyms are a little too similar, aren't they?

    a promising step forward to get a regular-season game on a national network

    I presume you mean another national network.

    Actual question, no snark implied: How many people get TSN2? Would be great if this game got a lot of eyeballs.

  4. TSN2 is now on most cable packages. If you're a Cogeco or Bell ExpressVu subscriber, you get along with TSN, The Score and the regional Sportsnet.

    Rogers is still being (understandably) recalcitrant, though. I have to pay extra for it, but I know colleagues who say they are getting it without having made any such request.

  5. The "tragically unilingual" line is a good one, but learning French from sports broadcasts is remarkably effective, once you get past your initial assumption that every hockey team has someone named "Rondell."

    Failing that, watch Arrested Development with the subtitles on. (Les parfaits aux bananas, ça rapporte.)

  6. @Neate - We scooped that one - we Twittered 15:00...

    By the way, at the moment we speak, the biggest cable provider in the Province of Q - Videotron- is still not carrying TSN2 - There's rumour we will get it for the w-e though...

    @Rob - Yep there was only one Rondell, who was a baseball player... (White)

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  8. I know I get TSN2 regular right now with Rogers, but then again I'm in that region that got plenty upset last year when most Raptors games were broadcast on there (so of course I'm in TO). So who knows maybe they're being overly generous to us now :)

    I'm really glad to hear this announcement but I hope if not expect to see it more. Here's hoping that TSN2 releases a full slate of games next season. Honestly it makes sense, as stated on here previously by sager they need more original content and need to stop duplicating coverage of the main channel.

  9. Franco Castonguay10/02/2009 9:06 pm

    The fans can watch the game in webcast live from 12:50 am on the website of radio-canada at the following link


    Franco Castonguay , Québec , QC.... et fière partisan du Rouge et Or !