Football: Carabins climb to No. 1 in UFRC/Top 10

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's alma mater got the most votes but not enough to form a majority.

The Calgary Dinos received 18 of 55 first-place votes, but are No. 3 in the UFRC/CIS Top 10. The Montréal got enough No. 2 and No. 3 votes to push into top spot despite getting only nine first-place votes, with defending national champion Laval (17) and Queen's (11) each getting more.
  1. Montréal (+540)
  2. Laval (-236)
  3. Calgary (+128)
  4. Queen’s (+172)
  5. Western (-641)
  6. St. Francis Xavier (+149)
  7. Saskatchewan (+112)
  8. Saint Mary's (+246)
  9. Guelph (+162)
  10. McMaster (+162)

    Also receiving votes: Also receiving votes: Ottawa (+85), Laurier (-521), Manitoba (+30), McGill (+10), Regina (-5), Alberta (-131), Simon Fraser (no change).

    Off list: Sherbrooke
Alberta got just one 10th-place vote, who was responsible for that? There was a method including the Golden Bears just because they grade out better in Simple Ranking System than a Mac team whose offence didn't produce a touchdown in two games this season. It also prevented having a ballot which was right in line with the final outcome, which brings to mind Mark Twain's saying about "when you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform."

Les Carabins au sommet (
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