Hockey: UNB adds big defenceman

The UNB Varsity Reds have rebounded nicely after highly touted recruit Ben Wright left school just weeks in to play pro. They've added to the roster today a big kid, Josh Kidd, a 6'4" 230 pound defenceman who played four seasons with the Erie Otters, and his 20-year-old year last season with the AHL's Manchester Monarchs. He's reputed to be a physical d-man who certainly should help out the V-Reds penalty kill. What is that about the rich getting richer ... ? has more details.
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  1. How does any Canadian University add/announce an additional hockey recruit on Oct. 6th, a full month after classes have begun ?
    Or is he starting after Xmas break ?

  2. Does he not have to sit out a full year after playing pro hockey?

  3. That is a good question ... I will defer to Dave for now and ry to find an answer tomorrow.

    Please do not take this as gospel, but I always thought any pro hockey up until age 21 did not count against a player's eligibility. Josh Kidd does not turn 21 until Nov. 16.

  4. Sager is right about the age 21 rule, so he doesn't have to sit a year. Yes, Kidd played a year of AHL hockey, but he was 20 at the time.

    As for starting a almost a month after classes started, that is a good question, but I have been assured he worked that all out. I don't know when he arrived on campus, only that he was eligible to start with the team today.

  5. Here is the relevant CIS regulation:
    An athlete who has participated in any league classified by CIS as professional prior to December 31 of the year that athlete turns 21, and who has not participated in CIS hockey in the same academic year as his professional participation, shall:
    a) Not be charged with having consumed CIS eligibility, and
    b) Be eligible to participate upon entry.

    Don't be bitter about hockey. You can play women's volleyball professionally, atart playing CIS v-ball without sitting anytime, and win the CIS female of the year award. Women can also take a year off school, play professional ball, and come back the next year, no problem.

  6. So you're finally admitting UNB is using its riches to recruit?

    “The offspring of riches: Pride, vanity, ostentation, arrogance, tyranny” - Mark Twain

  7. Soem people can take a comment and turn it however they want. This guy wouldn't of even been recruited since hes not your typical CHL graduate continuing on to university. This guy would of come out of left field for any coach. This guy would of made the decision by himself on where he wanted to go to play this year and why wouldn't he want to go to the school that is sitting at 7-1 in their exhibition games?? When you make comments like that you are ensuing all hockey players are money chasing sell outs that have no passion to win, which is completely untrue and unfounded especially at this level. David might want to be careful in how you word things as some people will jump on anything!!

  8. So it's David's fault that people will twist his words around? Come on.

  9. It's not David's fault, it's just the second time haters have turned a analogy he's used into "UNB pays big bucks to players"

  10. Is it not fair to question David? He is the one who left the door wide open with his comment "the rich are getting richer?", right?

    What words did SMA twist would be a another question Sager?

    "What is that about the rich getting richer ... ?"

    Answer the question with the following....
    A.) Pride
    B.) vanity
    C.) ostentation
    D.) arrogance
    E.) tyranny
    F.) all of the above??????????

  11. That does not even deserve to be dignified, although good one on "ostentation."

    David may answer for David. The implied meaning was success breeds success. There is nothing pejorative about being successful.

  12. Yikes, I truly hadn't even thought about a pejorative connotation of an old expression , but I can see now how I guess I could have left the door open for those with a chip on their shoulder.

    I guess from now on I should also avoid expressions like "embarrassment of riches" and "richly rewarded" and "money shot" and "money goalie" and "money in the bank" or anything similar in reference to UNB hockey.

  13. Getting back to Kidd. As I understand it after he cut from the AHL camp his agent called up Gardiner MacDougall to see if he had a spot, as he wanted to play university hockey. One could assume, and based on interviews I've done with the UNB recruits over the last few years, coming to a successful program, and one that will be hosting Nationals in two years, is a HUGE draws. Success breed success, and winning attracts players who want to be winners.

    So yes, if your favourite team hasn't had a lot of recent success, and therefore is having difficulty attracting top-level talent, well then life wouldn't seem very fair.

  14. Please don't forget "cash in on their chances."

  15. Yah, and now that I think of it, I've used that one on air many times ...

  16. Just a little jab, folks. No hate. It's called rivalry. Take an issue your opponents are obviously sensitive about and give 'em a little poke. This is hockey we're talking about, right? Or are we playing checkers at the old folks' home?

  17. David's words to avoid: Money, cash, coin, paper, bank, check (could be construed as cheque)rich, flow, scholarship, leadership, poor, broke..ohh and the synonyms of all of those words too..err better just avoid the recruiting subject..people get pretty chirpy. SMA- jabs are only useful if followed by a finishing punch..those who just jab tend to get punched out. i.e. before you spout off how someone is breaking the rules, put the time into finding facts that someone like David has done.

  18. Oh yes, "leadership" and "awards" used in the same sentence are a definite hot-button issue. Gotta remember that as we spent too much time in the summer fussing over that one.

    So I probably shouldn't mention that UNB will be handing out their Punchy Walker Awards tonight at a special function?


  19. Well stated. Rivalries will be rivalries. Back to Kidd. It wasn't his agent, the Kidd did his homework!