Women's basketball: Top 10 and playoff tracker: Upset on the Island, Wesmen and Bisons need all three games

Canada West division semi-finals:

  • UBC defeats Victoria 2-0 (57-54, 64-62)

    This was a tough loss for the 5th-ranked Vikes. Saturday night, it was 62-62 with 0.4 seconds left on the game clock. UBC's Lia St. Pierre sunk two free throws at that time to score her 12th and 13th points of the quarter, 21 and 22 overall, and knock the University of Victoria out of the playoffs. Kayla Dykstra grabbed 13 points and rebounds on Friday, but it sounds like UBC shut her down enough. UBC plays SFU next (see below).

  • SFU defeats Trinity 2-0 (102-55, 77-64)

    Matteke Hutzler, who was featured in the Kingston Whig-Standard on Friday, led with 23 points that night. Robyn Buna had 19 and Kate Hole added 15 as SFU shot 54% to TWU's 29%. A less-extreme win came the next night, but Hutzler still had 22 points and Courtney Gerwing had 11 with 12 boards.

  • Alberta defeats Calgary 2-0 (81-57, 80-55)

    Two similar scores as the Pandas won both. They got 21 from Nicole Clarke on Friday as they won 81-57--the Dinos shot about 35% from the floor and just 68% from the line. Melanie Schlichter paced Alberta with 17 on Saturday in just 14 minutes.

  • Winnipeg defeats Manitoba 2-1 (82-66, 62-64, 62-61)

    This was the series of the week. Despite their better season record than Manitoba (13-9, 8-14), my computer told me the Wesmen were only favoured by about five points, and sure enough two of the games were very close. Caitlin Gooch was 5 of 7 from long range for 15 of her game-high 25 points on Thursday, a few of which were caught online between commercial breaks on The Office. Game 2 was a lot closer and went the other way: 64-62 for the Bisons. Double-double for Jessica Stromberg: 17 points, 13 boards.

    And then came Saturday night's Winnipeg win with virtually no time on the clock. 61-60 for Manitoba, inbound pass, Amy Odigan was fouled and sunk both to win it. The two teams combined for 26-of-27 free-throw shooting, which in Winnipeg's case helped offset their 35% shooting. 15 for Gooch and a double-double for Kaitlin Rempel.

The rest of the Top 10:

2. Windsor (2): A pair in Thunder Bay to finish off the season. They might play Lakehead in the playoffs, so taking notes might be a good idea. Iva Peklova (16 points, 11 rebounds), Alisa Wulff (13 and 8), and Dranadia Roc (15 points) led the way as usual and the Lancers won 72-60. The second game, more of the same if more defensive: 65-54, 25 from Wulff (albeit on 45% shooting).

t-3. Saskatchewan (4): The coaches didn't like that loss to Lethbridge and neither did the RPI: they're now tied with Alberta, whom they play the Pandas next week in the division final.

6. UQAM (NR): They get added to the Top 10 just in time for a bye week. Next week, Laval.

7. Memorial (7): Two against SMU this weekend, before a more difficult two against Cape Breton next week. Victoria Thistle picked up 35 over the weekend as Memorial won both.

9. Dalhousie (9): They have the reverse schedule of the Sea-Hawks: Capers on the road this week, Huskies at home next. They lost to Cape Breton on Saturday: 77-60, which isn't too much of an upset since CBU stood 14th in the RPI, and were outrebounded 38-25. 30 points for the Capers' Kelsey Hodgson paced the winners; 17 for Dal's Jenna Kaye. They won the second one, though, as seems to happen often: 88-66, 24 from Kelly Donald and 23 from Brianna Orr. Kaye was a basket short of a double-double.

t-10. Western (10): Safely ensconced in second-place-and-first-round-bye territory, the Mustangs took it to Mac on Wednesday, 56-38. Bess Lennox easily led both categories with 17 points and 16 rebounds and 11 more points came from Megan Lapointe in just 16 minutes. Another win came Saturday against Waterloo: 14 and 12 for Lennox this time.

t-10. Regina (3): Plays Winnipeg next week.
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  1. That's a painful one for Trinity; looks like SFU's just on a whole new level right now. The real reason for their success is clearly Kate Hole's blogging power.

  2. There's no real place to fit this in the regular basketball coverage, but I agree, Kate Hole is really, really good at that. And thankfully for her (and her readers), typing with a bad back is much easier than posting up with a bad back.