Men's basketball: Bracketology, part III

Here are our latest wild guesses and hunches on the Final 8 seeding. The picks from last Thursday are here.

Richard Zussman
is in this week and has bucked the Carleton-UBC 1-2 trend. Those two teams and Calgary are in everyone's top four. The debates seem to be whether to slot Cape Breton over Trinity as the wild card entry, whether or not Concordia should be higher than sixth, and where to put Western and St. Francis Xavier.

The rest are pretty consistent: only nine teams show up across five ballots.

J. Book:
  1. Carleton (host)
  2. UBC (Can West #1)
  3. Concordia (Quebec #1)
  4. Calgary (Can West #2)
  5. Western (OUA)
  6. Ottawa (OUA)
  7. St. Francis Xavier (AUS #1)
  8. Cape Breton (wild card)
A. Bucholtz
  1. Carleton (OUA champion/host)
  2. UBC (CanWest champion)
  3. St. Francis Xavier (Atlantic champion)
  4. Calgary (Canada West finalist)
  5. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  6. Concordia (Québec champion)
  7. Western (OUA finalist)
  8. Trinity Western (wild card)
R. Pettapiece:
  1. Carleton (OUA/host)
  2. UBC (Canada West champion)
  3. Calgary (Canada West No. 2)
  4. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  5. St. Francis Xavier (AUS champion)
  6. Western (OUA No. 2)
  7. Concordia (Québec champion)
  8. Cape Breton (wild card)
N. Sager
  1. Carleton (OUA champion)
  2. UBC (Canada West champion)
  3. Western (OUA West)
  4. Calgary (Canada West automatic)
  5. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  6. St. Francis Xavier (Atlantic champion)
  7. Concordia (Québec champion)
  8. Trinity Western (wild card)
R. Zussman:
  1. Carleton (host/OUA champs)
  2. Calgary (Can West champs)
  3. UBC (Can West auto)
  4. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  5. St. FX (Atlantic champs)
  6. Western (OUA runner up)
  7. Concordia (Quebec champs)
  8. Trinity Western (wild card)
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  1. Mr. Zussman: I'm a Dinos fan and even I don't think they can take UBC at their home. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. I stand corrected. As a Dinos fan, I apologize for doubting them. Mr. Zussman, I bow to your greatness.

  3. Calgary is no doubt a tough team. The Bekkering brothers can ball. My bracket is 1)Carleton, 2)Calgary, 3)UBC, 4)St.FX 5)Ottawa 6)Western 7)Concordia 8)Cape Breton