Hoopophiles might appreciate this story from the NCAA, via a post at The New York Times' The Quad about identical twins Chavis and Travis Holmes, the starting guards at Virginia Military Institute (a possible NCAA tournament team):
"Chavis made it very clear the brothers never tried to fool their girlfriends, but he revealed a different kind of subterfuge.

" 'When we played Richmond,' Chavis said, 'we did a little switcheroonie.'

"In that Dec. 31 game, Chavis had missed three free-throws in a row early in the first half, and Travis could see that his brother was struggling. So the next time Chavis was fouled, Travis had an idea.

" 'He just walked up to me like, Man, let me shoot these,' Chavis said. 'So I just let him.'

"Travis made both free-throws, and the Keydets went on to win, 73-70. The twins said their parents were the only people who noticed the switch."
Pretty much every basketball coach has wished he or she could send a better shooter to the free-throw line. A few have even pulled off the gambit, having the better shooter step to the line while the official is turned away, signaling the foul to the scorer's table. Ben Kelso, a high school coaching legend in Michigan, once admitted telling his players to do it in a state championship game.

There are probably other stories involving twins in basketball. The St. Thomas Tommies, about seven years ago, had identical twins on their men's team. Their names don't come to mind, but what I remember is that they changed their headbands at halftime.

Holmes twins pull a fast one (The Quad)
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