Swimming: Laurier's pool not sunk yet

Updating on an earlier discussion...last night, Waterloo city councillors voted to give WLU's aging pool $250,000 over five years. This comes after the University of Waterloo decided not to build their own aquatic complex, showing remarkable restraint when it comes to multimillion-dollar construction.

The pool's ventilation system originally needed $2.2 million for repairs. The swim club has raised $700,000 on their own so far, is trying to raise about 200 more, and would like the community to chip in with $200,000 as well. Let's assume it all works out, so they'd have $1.35 million.

It's not clear where the rest will come from, if it comes at all. The Record reports that Laurier's looking to add a $10-per-term fee in a referendum, but the last thing students will do is vote to increase fees. Regional council already turned them down. Kitchener council "is expected to vote in a couple of weeks on giving money" but if the dissenting opinion of Waterloo councillors is any indication, voting to use taxpayer dollars to pay for a facility that doesn't belong to the city--and in the case of Kitchener, not even in their city--isn't likely.

UPDATE (Feb. 10): Turns out those last two predictions were way off. $250K from the City of Kitchener and "$10 a semester for the next five years" from WLU students.

City offers Laurier pool $250,000 over five years [Liz Monteiro, The Record]
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