Men's basketball: A flippin' fine exit for Posey, alas

Kiraan Posey set the OUA West scoring record, but he's mostly going to be remembered for a single digit.
"With about 2:25 remaining in a game Guelph won 73-54, Posey picked up his fifth personal foul and then flipped out — and flipped off the referees. All three of them.

"While stalking all three across and around Lakehead's defensive halfcourt, Posey made sure he established eye contact and ear shot with officials Rich Stellick, Mike Zason and Vern Bovell and then gave each the one-finger salute — with each hand, mind you — and dropped the infamous F-bomb on all of them. For good measure, he he stood on the sideline and reiterated his point for all to see and many to hear.

"And, after the game, he continued his verbal assault on Stellick as the crew chief tried to leave the gym." — Big Man on Campus
That's regrettable to say the least, but one particular incident, good or bad, should never form your impression of a person. One can only assume Posey had some pent-up frustration over finishing his university career in a nothing game for a Lakehead team which struggled this season, especially since, as Greg notes, he had Guelph guard Dan McCarthy inside his shirt all night. The frustration evidently got the better of him.

It's not clear what repercussions there are for a player who finished his eligibility.

How Do You Want To Be Remembered? (Big Man on Campus)
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