Score skedded to show 3 national championships in March

The Score sent out its March programming schedule on Wednesday afternoon.

The CIS' television partner will show both semi-finals and the final of the Bronze Baby women's basketball Final 8 from Regina on the March 7-8.

The plans for the men's Final 8 are the same: The two late quarter-finals the Friday (the second one tape-delayed to 10 p.m. due to WWE commitments), both semis on Saturday and the final, which is listed as a 4 p.m. tip-off.

The March 22 women's hockey national championship game from Antigonish, N.S., will also air. It's a 9 p.m. opening faceoff.

By the way, The Globe & Mail's NBA writer, Michael Grange, wrote a very nice note today about The Score and Cabbie Richards.
"I know as a so-called 'serious' journalist -- I said so-called -- I'm supposed to look down my nose at 'entertainers' like Cabbie, but I never can. He's good at what he does, respects what guys like me try to do and has managed to create a name for himself with his own vision -- he started doing this act with strangers on the street when he was a no one at the The Score nearly 10 years ago -- and now he's got a real rapport with the likes of one of the NBA's biggest stars. That is not easy.

"But hey, even guys like me like to be entertained. And given The Score does its part by broadcasting the CIS Finals and Canada Basketball stuff, I'm happy to do my small part for them."
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