Basketball: Canada West re-aligns for '09

By way of Tim Switzer in Regina, we learn that Canada West will change its current three-division structure in basketball (Pacific, Central, Great Plains) to a two-division setup for 2009-2010.

The Pacific will stay as-is, while the Great Plains and Central divisions will merge into one. So it's basically "B.C." and "The Rest." Click through to Switzer's post for more on the scheduling changes and new crossover playoff format.

The two-division setup gets a thumbs-up from this corner. Fewer divisions are usually a good thing and the crossover (one of the best parts of the CFL setup) is also a step forward. The three very good women's teams currently in the Central division could all make the playoffs under the new system. More informed minds can break down what it means for the men's teams, and how the cost of flying to away games will change for each school.

Now we just need to take a hammer to the ludicrous men's hockey division format in the OUA...

New divisions for Canada West basketball in 2009-10 [Tim Switzer, Regina Leader-Post]
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  1. Is the issue with men's hocky the fact that the small divisions has caused a major imbalance in the strength of the Far East vs the Mid East and, to a lesser extent, the Far West and Mid West?

  2. Basically, yeah. It's just silly to have a team like U of T leading the Mid East despite losing more than half their games, or a division like the Mid West where every team has been outscored.