Men's basketball: 'Overcoming the obstacles of Ottawa' works too, sir

The sentiment that UBC has a formidable team is certainly valid, but did the author forget where the Final 8 is being held is less than four weeks' time?
"Whatever the outcome of these talks, (UBC coach Kevin) Hanson has continued to recruit a bevy of stars, but this season -- perhaps for the first time in recent memory -- all this talent is threatening to meld into a unit capable of hacking through the horror of Halifax." — Vancouver Province
Hey, it happens; everyone goofs up (probably none more than me).

'Birds putting it all together (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province)
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1 comment:

  1. Until UBC actually does something at the final 8 win a first round game, at least...they'll continue to deserve the "choker" label that hangs around their necks.
    Was it any wonder Brock coach Ken Murray was delighted with his seeding last March?
    Playing UBC in the first round has become a sure ticket to the semis.
    Not only has UBC come into the tournament seeded #2 only to be bounced by the #7 seed....four times, I believe...most of those games weren't even close.
    The Thunderbirds have been the running gag at nationals for some time now.
    Maybe this year will be different, as they appear to have finally learned how to play without the ball, ie, play good D.
    We shall soon see.