Bracketology: A first stab at seeding the Final 8

It's never too early to start predicting the brackets for the men's basketball Final 8, which begins in a little more than four weeks in Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ont.

Each writer's criteria is his own; it could be "well, what if they were playing tomorrow" or it could be a shot in the dark at where each team will be in a month. There seems to be a consensus on the conference champions — Concordia coming out of Québec, Carleton and Western in Ontario, UBC out of Canada West, with one of us breaking with the pack on the Atlantic conference, just because. Where to slot Calgary seems to be a source of great debate.

Andrew Bucholtz:
  1. Carleton (OUA champion/host)
  2. UBC (CanWest champion)
  3. St. Francis Xavier (Atlantic champion)
  4. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  5. Trinity Western (Canada West finalist)
  6. Western (OUA No. 2)
  7. Concordia (Québec champion)
  8. Calgary (wild card)
R. Pettapiece:
  1. Carleton (OUA champion/host)
  2. UBC (Canada West champion)
  3. Calgary (Canada West runner-up)
  4. St. Francis Xavier (AUS champ)
  5. Western (OUA West champ)
  6. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  7. Concordia (Québec champion)
  8. UVic (wild card)
N. Sager:
  1. Carleton (OUA champion)
  2. UBC (Canada West champion)
  3. Ottawa (OUA third place)
  4. St. Francis Xavier (wild card)
  5. Western (OUA West)
  6. Concordia (Québec champion)
  7. Cape Breton (Atlantic champion)
  8. Trinity Western (Canada West automatic)
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  1. Ottawa too high in a couple of polls. Good team but haven't overly impressed me.

    Concordia too low in the polls (they've beaten St-FX, for one, and all the home-and-homes on their sched. do them no favours record-wise).

  2. None of the three expert is predicting any upsets in Conference finals. I wouldn't be surprise if I see some other teams coming out of Ontario, Atlantic and Quebec

  3. We don't consider ourselves experts, just informed super-fans.

    Cape Breton over X in the AUS final on a neutral court wouldn't be an upset?