Women's basketball Top 10 tracker: OUA playoffs start up, Huskies and Pandas face off

Here's a look at what the top teams are looking forward to this week. Saskatchewan-Alberta was the series to watch, though SFU and UBC is always notable. Next week, it's Western-Windsor and Ottawa-Toronto in the OUA division finals.
  1. Simon Fraser (1): Howard Tsumura from The Province was in Burnaby for Friday's Game 1 of the Pac-D finals. And it was a pretty good one: 62-58 for the Clan, with a tie at 58 with 15 seconds to go. UBC led 26-24 at the half; they slowed SFU down and extinguished their shooting: 27% for the Clan in the first half. Laurelle Weigl led with 16.

    Game 2 was a lot more Clan-Clan-Clan, as they won by 26. Every SFU starter had 10 or more points as they scored 84 to UBC's 58. Weigl, Lisa Tindle, and Courtney Gerwing all had 14 (Gerwing recovering from her 2-20 night on Friday).

  2. Windsor (2): Laurier beat Lakehead on Wednesday, so it was Hawks-Lancers on Saturday. Laurier kept it closer than expected, down by just five with two minutes to go, but the Lancers pulled away and won 78-67.

  3. Saskatchewan (4): The Huskies lost, 67-46, at home in the first of the best-of-three against Alberta. Nobody on the U of S had more than 10 points, possibly because the team shot 27% (and 3 of 18 from long range). Four players on the Pandas had more than 10: Ashley Wigg grabbed 15, albeit on 4-of-13 shooting. This was not the kind of game the Huskies wanted to play. Maybe Game 2 was, however, as they won 73-64. Amy Prokop and Kim Tulloch each had 13.

    They have their "Game 7" today: 4 pm local, 6 pm ET at the U of A U of S. (Which is in Saskatoon. Not Edmonton.) And I didn't learn a thing from the first two semi-blowout games, because Alberta won this one by 19. Just 33% shooting for the U of S in that one.

  4. Alberta (5): See Saskatchewan, above. Wigg also had 15 in the second game, but again shot just 5-14. The Pandas shot 29% on Saturday, but 39% on Sunday as they won the series. Kristin Jarock had 13 in 22 minutes.

  5. UQAM (NR): The Citadins and Rouge et Or are probably too high in the RPI, since the coaches haven't ranked either team. They play each other this Friday-Saturday in their last scheduled regular-season games. UQAM took the first 74-55: a double-double (16 and 10) for Irline Noël and 18 for Karine Boudrias. Boudrais added 23 more when UQAM won again on Saturday.

  6. Memorial (6): Chad Lucas previewed the AUS playoffs and gave MUN a 100% chance of securing a first-round bye and their weekend opponents CBU a 38% chance. Friday night, the Capers pulled out a win (73-67) despite Brittany Dalton's 21 points and 11 rebounds. Kelsey Hodgson shot 4-of-19, but still led the Capers with 19 (and 11 boards).

    Memorial lost Saturday as well, and that combined with Dal's loss vaults the Capers into first place. I think. Lucas said of Memorial, "The only way they’ll finish second is if Dal loses one of their last two games and the Capers sweep them with a total point differential of more than five," and that's what happened, so I think it's CBU-MUN in first and second.

  7. Laval (NR): See UQAM, above. Karine Bibeau led with 13 in their Friday loss; Sandrine Ducruc grabbed 10 rebounds to tie for the game-high with Noël. Saturday they lost by three, but Elyse Jobin had 16. Looks like they host Concordia on Wednesday in the playoffs.

  8. Western (12): Faced the Marauders on Saturday (after Mac's 72-69 win over Guelph on Wednesday) and won 69-61. (An 8-point margin after a 9-point predicted margin. Interesting.) Amanda Anderson: 22 points; Bess Lennox: 11 with 13 rebounds. It'll be Western at Windsor on Wednesday for the West division title.

  9. Regina (3): Beat the University of Winnipeg 64-45 on Thursday in Game 1 of possibly-three-but-probably-two. Tim Switzer called it a yawner. The top Cougars, in his words: "Brittany Read filled in more than admirably for an injured Chelsea Cassano with 18 points and 11 boards. Jessica Lynch added 13 points and 11 rebounds." Game 2 was Friday and that one probably wasn't a yawner: the Wesmen were down three in the dying seconds, couldn't get a three-point shot up, and settled for two with only 0.2 seconds remaining. The game ended on that score, 60 to 59 for Regina, and the Cougars are advancing to the conference final. Cassano had 13 off the bench in the second game.

  10. Toronto (NR): Knocked off Ryerson on Saturday, 78-69. (Let the record show that the 12-point prediction was not far off.) 22 points and 17 boards for Tara Kinnear on 8-of-12 shooting led the Blues, but Nicki Schutz had 20 and 15 of her own. It'll be Ottawa at Toronto Wednesday night for the OUA East title.

    The game's leading scorer with 23 was actually Ryerson's Lisa Goldring, yet another M.M. Robinson graduate who's done more athletically than I ever will.
Also in the CIS Top 10: Winnipeg (13th in RPI), UBC (15), Dalhousie (11), UVic (11). Winnipeg was eliminated by the U of R, UBC was eliminated by SFU, and the Vikes also have nothing to do for the next little while. Dal beat SMU on Wednesday 80-51 (Laurie Girdwood grabbing 17 rebounds) and lost to X on Sunday, 57-54. 20 points and 12 boards for Jenna Kaye wasn't enough; the other Tigers shot 21% from the floor.
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  1. Gee-Gees women win over the Ravens 56-49.

  2. Rob,

    The Whole Alberta-Saskatchewan series is being played in Saskatoon.

  3. The worst part is I know that, but I keep writing "at Edmonton" or "at the U of A." (It bugs me as much as it bugs you, trust me.)

  4. Rob has furnished the RPI numbers:

    WOMEN (through all games on Sunday)
    1. Simon Fraser (29-1), .599
    2. Windsor (30-2), .585
    3. Alberta (32-7), .575
    4. Saskatchewan (23-7), .567
    5. UQAM (15-7), .549
    6. Regina (27-8), .548
    7. Western (22-7), .547
    8. Toronto (23-9), .543
    9. Victoria (19-9), .541
    10. StFX (16-7), .540

    11. Dalhousie (19-7), .537
    12. Laval (15-9), .535
    12. Cape Breton (20-8), .535
    14. Memorial (18-8), .533
    15. Bishop's (13-9), .531
    15. Winnipeg (23-13), .531
    17. Ottawa (18-8), .530
    18. UBC (18-14), .529
    19. McMaster (20-13), .520
    20. Lakehead (15-13), .512

    21. Calgary (16-17), .509
    22. Trinity Western (13-15), .506
    23. Carleton (18-16), .500
    24. Laurier (14-14), .494
    25. Laurentian (13-15), .490
    26. Ryerson (13-17), .480
    27. Acadia (9-15), .471
    28. Concordia (8-19), .466
    29. McGill (6-18), .461
    30. Lethbridge (6-18), .460
    30. Guelph (10-20), .460

    32. Brock (9-19), .457
    33. Manitoba (10-22), .456
    34. Waterloo (9-18), .451
    35. Queen's (9-21), .448
    36. UFV (5-24), .443
    37. UPEI (5-20), .440
    37. UNB (9-23), .440
    39. York (7-23), .438
    40. Thompson Rivers (4-22), .434
    41. Brandon (3-25), .425
    42. Saint Mary's (2-22), .418
    43. RMC (1-25), .397