VIU might be SOL — columnist

"(B)y sprucing up the outdated gym, (VIU) has no immediate plans of building a brand new multi-use facility that could be of significant value to the student body and the community as a whole.

"...A need in Nanaimo for such a facility is without question, certainly before another downtown one-dimensional-needs hotel is constructed.

But major facilities like this cost money, and lots of it.

And money just isn't as accessible as it once was before this recession." — Nanaimo Daily News
One wishes the three Canada West applicants all the best when they make their presentations today in Calgary. The newser out of Nanaimo points out that Vancouver Island University's basketball and volleyball teams are each very highly ranked in the CCAA, but who knows how much water that will hold.

If you were setting a line, the University of Northern British Columbia would probably have the shortest odds of being accepted. UBC-Okanagan would probably be in the middle with Vancouver Island University being the darkhorse.

University makes second pitch to join CIS family; VIU president and athletic director in Calgary Tuesday (Craig Slater, Nanaimo Daily News)
Financial picture doesn't look good for VIU's bid to join CIS (Craig Slater, Nanaimo Daily News)
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