Football: Mustangs' Martin declares for NFL draft

Western D-lineman Vaughn Martin might want to stay on the purple path instead of a primrose one.

Martin's only played two seasons at Western, so ... he's declaring for the NFL draft, really?

There is no nice way to avoid pointing this out: Martin's agent is an ex-teammate barred from the CIS for doping and belongs to a firm whose head, Hadley Engelhard, has been disciplined by the NFL Players Association for, among other things, changing the fee he was charging a player without telling him.
"Matt Baxter, the Canadian director of operations of Enter-Sports Management of Atlanta, the firm that is representing Martin, said Martin has drawn a lot of interest south of the border.

" 'We've scheduled two pro days in March and 24 of 32 teams have asked for films,' he said. 'Houston Texans and New York Jets came up to measure his height and weight.' " — London Free Press
Martin does not appear to really be on the radar of NFL scouts that much. It is also a long way from having teams ask to see film or showing up to watch him run and lift weights, to ending up in a NFL team's training camp. The Minnesota Vikings, for instance, say they will interview 350 players before they select eight or 10 of them at the draft in April.

Meantime, there is the fact Martin has retained the services of a firm run by Engelhard, whom former NFL coach Dick Vermeil once dubbed, "Engeldork," for his tendency to have his clients, especially rookies, engage in prolonged holdouts. (Vermeil cointed it after an Engelhard client and Kansas City Chiefs draft bust, Ryan Sims, held out, came to camp out of shape, got injured, never made up the lost time.)

There is no intent to throw dirt on Vaughn Martin's quest to play pro football. The NFL will make room for someone who meets their mental and physical specs, but it's valid to point out that just 15 minutes of Googling can raise questions about his advisers.

Mustang joins NFL mix (London Free Press)
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  1. Word of advice, kid.
    Stay in school.
    And while you're at it, drop your 'agent' like a hot potato.
    Your ego is writing cheques your talent can't cash.

  2. I've worked with Baxter, and Martin. Both are great guys.

    NFL teams will make room for a guy of his size, strength, and talent.

    There is no down side to entering the draft for a Canadian player who can choose to return to play in the CIS.

  3. Well, I guess Vaughn proved them wrong...the Chargers seem to believe in him!