Men's hockey: Now, it gets Campy

Guelph men's hockey coach Shawn Camp summed up the educational mission of the university game pretty well in a recent interview with Hockey Now:
"We have some great kids at the school that are very committed to becoming better players, they’re all excellent students. When new guys come to the program, they quickly understand that there's a certain level of expectation and culture that we’re trying to establish in terms of being a good student/athlete. It's a commitment. They have to be prepared to make some sacrifices in order to become better players and maintain a high average at school." — Shawn Camp
That is about the size of it; Canadian university hockey has much to offer players who want to take advantage of their CHL scholarship money and play a decent calibre of hockey. The big hurdle to cross over is realizing how tough a calibre of hockey it is; a lot of coaches could fill a book with stories of players who expected the CIS to be a cakewalk.

U. of Guelph Head Coach Energized To Be Back in OUA (Mike Beasley, Hockey Now; via Big Man on Campus)
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