Men's basketball: X's Gallimore resigns

ANOTHER UPDATE (Feb. 4): Gallimore resigned today, says Chad Lucas.

The video of the incident, linked below, has also been removed.

UPDATE (Jan. 31): Lucas reports St. F.X. has suspended Gallimore for four games, with potentially more to follow once the league has its say. Lucas: "Plenty of people will say that four games is not enough for striking an official, especially a 19-year-old student, and personally I think suspending him for the year wouldn't be excessive."


There was a bit of a scrum involving X-Men assistant coach Garry Gallimore near the end of last night's [January 28th] StFX-Cape Breton game.

With 13.7 seconds left and his team down by three, X head coach Steve Konchalski tried to call a timeout but didn't get it. He walks over to the scorer's table to complain, presumably, with Gallimore following after the whistle is blown. At 6:21 of this clip — yes, everything's on YouTube now — you can see Gallimore stand up, walk over, and set off a scrum. (That's about all you can see, so don't rush to load the video.)

Others can speculate on what will happen next. Chad Lucas (hat tip) makes a good point about the security: as Gallimore is escorted off the floor, at least two fans get close enough to strike him in return and one actually slaps him in the back of the head. Not that we should rush to protect the one who breaks the rules here, but it's best for all concerned if he were to leave the court without further incident.

Update: Our man at the Merc, Greg Layson, also notes that this reaffirms the need for all schools to set a strict standard for scorekeepers, in light of past incidents. No one is making excuses for a coach and player, but it's about being proactive, not reactive.

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